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The song is the same, but if the music is different doesn’t that say something about (your) reality? the Wakefield Doctrine: Twisted Mix-tape Tuesday Seven!

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine ( the oddly lovely-and-somehow-disturbing music of clarks, the make-you-get-up-and-(fill in the blank) of scotts and the measured-and-perfectly-produced tunes of rogers)

It’s Tuesdays Day! ( for those not old enough, the photo reference: ‘and a one, and a two’) So throw your books and/or car pool schedule over your should and head on over to My Skewed View and Finding Ninee  and rock the house.

Jen and Kristi are here to say, ‘Hey! it’s Twisted Mix-tape Tuesday the 7th, yo’

The Wakefield Doctrine is nothing if it is not:

  • creative
  • exciting
  • comfortable

(Sorry for the ‘easy bullet points. But the thing of it is, this is about the music not the personality types of the Wakefield Doctrine or how the Doctrine can tell you which of the songs are by clarks or scotts or rogers…or that anything about how it is about how the person seems to relate themselves to the world around them (which) allows you to infer which of the three personality types is their predominant worldview, which can mean only one thing: you now know more about them than they know about themselves… ya know?  it’s just music we’re talking about….   )

(….lol  yeah, I know  I had me going for a second there too!)

In any event, thanks to our two song mistresses, Jen and Kristi  ( hey don’t tell them I said this, but ‘song mistresses’…. doesn’t that conjure just a touch of leather?… maybe with a set of spiked earphones??. and one of them… standing on a Marshall cabinet…. laughing…)

In any event. Here are my offerings: sorry for the lengthiosity of the Post  but I wanted to make it easy to hear both songs. I would suggest the original first, but if you know the song, go for the cover.

Chim chim Cheree



Careless Whisper (Seether/George Michael)



Rocket Man (Elton John/Jason Mraz)



So Happy Together (Turtles/Flobots)



A little Help from Friends (Beatles/Joe Cocker)




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May 14, 2013 at 8:40 am