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Number 1 september 2014 …the Wakefield Doctrine

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


…as has happened an un-counted number of times since I started this blog, I am in an introspective phase of…. ‘what am I doing with this Wakefield Doctrine’. Surely this time of re-examination is as common as frayed-waistband underwear, however, it always manifests as a unique this-time-it’s-different experience. For better or for worse, I have decided to be more….public with my self-examination. My questioning of the whole point of my writing a blog, regardless of the fact that it is about a unique and productive and fun theory of personality, seems to be an inevitable part of the process that started …(no frickin way!) 5 years ago.

Of course, for those of us who would write a blog, every moment of doubt is always sincere and heartfelt and genuine, (no!-stop-giggling-I’m-trying-to make-a-serious-point-here). But like the first crush/first car/first fear, this time feels different. That is, I suspect, as it is supposed to be.

So, on each of the next 30 days, I will write a Post. They will be long Posts and they will be short Posts, they will be weird Posts and they will be TToT Posts (wait, I already said ‘weird’) and, for the record, I have not the slightest idea if there will be any point or value or anything other than….quantity.

…. so to start, I know what it is that’s bothering me about the state of the Wakefield Doctrine blog:

that I would write such a sentence and actually leave it in the Post
that, for those who were around for the first couple of years, the Wakefield Doctrine was the point of this blog, not clark Farley-that-guy-with-that-‘personality-theory’
a (seeming) loss of the ‘hey! this is the Wakefield Doctrine and you should see what it can do!’
…and, (to certain Readers), yes this blog will continue to be a semi-public experiment/demonstration of the use and efficacy of the principles of the Wakefield Doctrine as a tool for self-development.

but then, you knew that, didn’t you.

I will invite you to the home site of the Wakefield Doctrine (where you can read all this and look at the pitchas!


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September 1, 2014 at 11:19 am

The song is the same, but if the music is different doesn’t that say something about (your) reality? the Wakefield Doctrine: Twisted Mix-tape Tuesday Seven!

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine ( the oddly lovely-and-somehow-disturbing music of clarks, the make-you-get-up-and-(fill in the blank) of scotts and the measured-and-perfectly-produced tunes of rogers)

It’s Tuesdays Day! ( for those not old enough, the photo reference: ‘and a one, and a two’) So throw your books and/or car pool schedule over your should and head on over to My Skewed View and Finding Ninee  and rock the house.

Jen and Kristi are here to say, ‘Hey! it’s Twisted Mix-tape Tuesday the 7th, yo’

The Wakefield Doctrine is nothing if it is not:

  • creative
  • exciting
  • comfortable

(Sorry for the ‘easy bullet points. But the thing of it is, this is about the music not the personality types of the Wakefield Doctrine or how the Doctrine can tell you which of the songs are by clarks or scotts or rogers…or that anything about how it is about how the person seems to relate themselves to the world around them (which) allows you to infer which of the three personality types is their predominant worldview, which can mean only one thing: you now know more about them than they know about themselves… ya know?  it’s just music we’re talking about….   )

(….lol  yeah, I know  I had me going for a second there too!)

In any event, thanks to our two song mistresses, Jen and Kristi  ( hey don’t tell them I said this, but ‘song mistresses’…. doesn’t that conjure just a touch of leather?… maybe with a set of spiked earphones??. and one of them… standing on a Marshall cabinet…. laughing…)

In any event. Here are my offerings: sorry for the lengthiosity of the Post  but I wanted to make it easy to hear both songs. I would suggest the original first, but if you know the song, go for the cover.

Chim chim Cheree



Careless Whisper (Seether/George Michael)



Rocket Man (Elton John/Jason Mraz)



So Happy Together (Turtles/Flobots)



A little Help from Friends (Beatles/Joe Cocker)



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May 14, 2013 at 8:40 am

TMT Tuesday Take 6 the Wakefield Doctrine…. (‘Health Insurance companies push for rules to prohibit adults over 40 from sitting on the ground (in a non-emergency manner’)

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


So Jen and Kristi  are here for the Week’s  Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday 6

You know, the challenging thing about these TMT Tuesdays is not writing the Posts, it’s the mental/emotional time travel that you need to do to find songs that elicit a certain mood or feeling. S0me of the songs on today’s list I didn’t like when they were first released (well, maybe only one of them… the Orleans). But, when I hear the song and let my mind wander…. Summer in the 70s is where I end up.

Nothing sez summer in the ’60s Like Sylvester and them!


“…think joints and cheap wine sitting on the ground.  Man, how we change as we get older! Try to imagine yourself,  out, maybe in town and you happen upon a band (or a musician)  playing,  maybe in a park or on the Town Green and you decide to just sit on the ground to listen to the music for a while.
Remember back to the point in your life when sitting on the ground was not an unusual act, our joking reference to the wine and pot…well, while it’s tempting to think that they (and the altered state of consciousness they are meant to induce) was what allowed you to sit on the ground, I personally do not believe that was the reason we could sit on the ground. I’m not 100% sure what changed, but what does comes to mind is the sense of propriety that all adults are expected to possess.  I remember last Summer. I was out on business, in my car and I passed a hitchhiker. Didn’t stop…had an appointment and all. But the thing is, later that afternoon, on my way back to the office, I spotted him on the side of the road. Sitting on the ground, right by the side of the road (in fact, leaning up against a sign that told everyone moving in excess of 3 mph how they could find the interstate), he did not appear to be in distress or under the influence…but he seemed to be just resting.  As a clark, I stared in wonder at the unself-conscousness of his choice of resting spots.
Hell, watch an ‘adult’ person, in the right and rare circumstances, attempt to sit on the ground. The caution and tentativeness that they imbue this simple act is…. well old!

Lets not be so quick to leave the 60s


The 70s had Summers too, ya know!


Speakin for the 80’s


Well, lets close by getting somewhere in the 21st Century…. ( a time when the best rock songs were being played on ‘country music’ stations.)



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May 7, 2013 at 6:29 pm

the Wakefield Doctrine talks about luuuvv (twisted-mix tape tuesday)

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

You think that it is natural to fall in love?

Friends of the Doctrine Jen (writing in ) ‘Break the Parenting Mold’  and co-hostini  Kristi  at ‘Finding Ninee’
are musically enhanced lifeforms and do this thing on Tuesdays which is to present an idea/concept/dream/desire/wish/curse/emotional state and ask y’all to propose a series of songs that provoke the state with the listener (That is what I believe they are doing, but you might want to double check over at theys blogs, just to be sure and all.)

This Tuesday it being:       ‘Forbidden Love’

Well, on the issue of forbidden love* the Wakefield Doctrine would say:

clarks: yes…but the odds are they (the other person) will never know

scotts: yes…and they (the soon-to-be-loved-or-beloved-or-possessed )don’t stand chance

rogers: yes…but if you have to include the other person (the object of a too, too personal manifestation of instinct)  it will ruin everything

to the musical proof:


but then reality enters the situation


time goes by


no! not cynical


to end it all

* clarks:  well, if you think we should
*scotts:   yum, yum
* rogers: well, as long as we remember who’s idea this was

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April 9, 2013 at 5:17 pm

A medley of emotion… of mix tapes and relationships. All in the context of the Wakefield Doctrine (..of course!)

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

Our friend Jen, at Breaking the Parenting Mold has written a Post titled: Twisted Mix-tape Tuesday   and has invited her Readers to devise (or create or imagine of compile) as list of songs to resonate with a certain theme,  in the case of today’s Post it is:
‘Why you have to play me like this?’

The real challenge here is a very interesting, albeit in a different context, challenge for those of us working on the Wakefield Doctrine. The Doctrine holds that we all live our lives in one of three worldviews, and that what most people refer to as personality type, the Wakefield Doctrine maintains is simply an appropriate  strategy in dealing with the nature of the world that one finds themselves in, there being three characteristic worldviews: the world of the Outsider, the worldview of the Predator and the reality of the Member of the Herd. It is how a person relates themselves to these three (very real) personal realities that produces what is called personality types.  Where this mix tape thing is interesting is that it is asking us to take a very personal emotional perception and pick songs that represent the subjective experience that occurs when the individual listens to a song. Where this is related to the Wakefield Doctrine is in that we maintain that for the three personality types, the three worldview, how life is experienced is, how the individual manifests themselves is based on three very distinct… somethings…. lol.  Lets try to get all basic: the three personality types are clarks(the Outsider), scotts(the Predator and rogers(the Member of the Herd) and one way of describing the three is: clarks think, scotts act and rogers feel.  And part of the challenge (and huge potential benefit) is to acquire the ability to perceive the world as ‘the other two’ do.  Of course, the problem arises when you realize that each are manifesting from distinctly different perspectives: rational thought, direct action and subjective emotion.

Where this all ties into Jen’s project is how do you translate one subjective experience into a form that can be relayed and accepted by another person causing (that person) to experience the same emotion/reaction/thought…

stay tuned.

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April 3, 2013 at 5:37 pm

Video Friday over at the ‘real’ Wakefield Doctrine

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It is still true that this blog (Wakefield Doctrine Redux)  is intended for content that is more challenging (to the Reader) than is to be found at the ‘main’ Wakefield Doctrine blog.  That does not mean that we can not or should not use this site to promote and/or drive traffic to the Doctrine.
What all this effort is for, to reach out to the world and make the Wakefield Doctrine available to any and all people who possess the necessary intellectual and emotional strength to understand what we offer, if not to get people to go to the Wakefield Doctrine blogsite.

To borrow from the film industry (we know they will not mind!):

I’ll be all around…Wherever there’s a fight so hungry people can eat…Whenever there’s a cop beating a guy, I’ll be there…And when the people are eatin’ the stuff they raise and livin’ in the houses they build. I’ll be there too.”
(Grapes of  Wrath).
So lets look in on the Wakefield Doctrine for their last Video Friday:
You know that was not only fun to do (as the Interviewer) but it was informing to listen to, as a Reader. I am starting to notice a trend here with these videos, in terms of the goal of this approach. We are trying, of  course, to convey the Wakefield Doctrine as it is understood ( and utilized!) by ‘regular people’! ( Well, as regular as a DownSpring might be, lol). But I think we are seeing this approach pay off. The understanding of the rogerian personality is much greater after the interview with DownSring Phyllis (as well as DownSpring Joanne) than all of the Posts and Pages that have been written!  Even though he is  the Progenitor roger, even RCoyne does not convey the feeling of, “hey, this is how the world is, nevermind how you think it is” from the rogerian perspective. Damn!
This will, no doubt, be seen as we find people of the scottian and clarklike nature to talk to on this Video Fridays.
So, if any of you reading this right now would like to participate in a Video Friday interview, all ya gotta do is write a Comment and let us know. I will follow up and see where it takes us. If you would rather talk to a DownSpring, ( we know how nervous some people get around celebrities…lol) then go over to the gurl   or that scottian chick and ask them to help you get famous.

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August 6, 2011 at 8:49 am

wakefield doctrine video posts, do you love ’em?

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You people ( reading this ) are the people from whom I feel I can get  thoughtful feedback on how we are doing on the main Wakefield Doctrine blog.  This is because you are already familiar with the Doctrine and are comfortable with the message that the blog is trying to get across to the internet audience. By the simple fact that you are here, reading these Posts without the added enticement of clever photos (with cute captions) and music videos with catchy tunes tells me that. So today we are asking you to help us.

Two issues.  Presentation and Ease of Comment.
(Second one first):
Ease of Comment: the current thinking among DownSprings and Progenitors is that somehow we are coming across (at the Wakefield Doctrine blog) in a way that makes Readers un-comfortable writing in a Comment. We actually have heard from some that it (the blog) is intimidating and daunting and they would rather not put something (a Comment) in writing lest they look foolish.
Since that is so not the attitude or intent of those of us at Doctrine central, it was easy in the early days to dismiss that as a crank call, one person wanting to cause trouble, hoping everyone working so hard would get discouraged and stop not paying attention, you know, a roger! (Just joking folks, I live the rogers, hell I am 1/3 (sort of) roger…my wife is a full roger!).
But seriously, while we have had a few notable exceptions, people like CY and Fabri and Ronin and Mel and Jason, for the most part it has been quiet in ‘Comment-ville’. And, if it is not obvious, a major element of the blog is the inter-play of ideas, discussions of the Doctrine as others see it in their own circumstance. This is, after all, the way that the Wakefield Doctrine went from being an idea to having a number of people understand that the world does consist of clarks, scotts and rogers.

Early on, we tried contests and give-aways, all hoping to cause Readers to write Comments. And there are Readers! You see them showing up in the widget to the right of the page on the Wakefield Doctrine blog. A small but steady stream of people. But no discussion or arguments or assertions or refutations. No one scolding us for being presumptions, not a single ‘how dare you assume you are an equal to god his-own-self”, not even a ‘keep up the good work’. (actually we have had Friends of the Doctrine like Mel and Ronin and Jason write in encouragement, especially in the early days).

So despite these efforts yielding not results,we are forced to face the fact that it must be true (somehow), that the Wakefield Doctrine blog must be coming across as not overly Reader-friendly, at least Comment-friendly. In point of fact, supporting this unpleasant truth, a conversation with a new Reader just the other evening, (they) offered that,  “I went to your blog, really interesting, I am a clark“. No explanation or cajoling on my part, she read it, she got it, she liked it! Damn!  When  asked  to write some Comments or give us some feedback so we can improve our efforts, the answer was, “I’ll be glad to do so in private, but I would rather not write something that will be published”.

…in the light of all of this, we were discussing this issue with DownSpring, Ms. AKH this morning and she made the statement, “when I first got introduced to the Doctrine, I really didn’t want to make a Comment, afraid I would get it wrong. But now, I’m glad I went ahead and did it anyway’. For a scottian take on all this, go on over to her blog, ‘the Three Personality Types of the Wakefield Doctrine‘.

(First issue second):
Presentation: so…how do you like the video Posts? Feedback has been very positive. This (‘live’) presentation of the Wakefield Doctrine holds great promises for conveying the real life applications and the genuine fun that the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers has in store for anyone who reads it, learns it and uses it, in day to day life. The first 2 video were fairly unpolished, but as we do more of them, we should find our rhythm. Stay tuned.

After all is said and done, we are here, so join us. Read and enjoy. We welcome any and all input and feedback. Send us a Comment or an email. Or not.

…all of the Progenitors and DownSprings are enjoying this Doctrine thing a lot, you might say we are starting to appreciate  how the first christians meeting in secret, down in dank  catacombs must have felt, the fear and the joy, the anxiety and jubilation knowing that they were part of something very special.

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May 22, 2011 at 8:47 pm