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the Wakefield Doctrine (…so may I introduce to you, the act you’ve know for all these years…)

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“Good Morning  class”
(damn,they are so young…relax…remember, clark, this is a made up premise in an imaginary class in a Post of a 6 month old blog…nothing bad will happen…you can’t screw this up…)    

“How are you all you doin today?”
(doin? did you just say doin?  wtf are you thinking?  ok ok, don’t panic! this can still be saved)    

“Thank  you, Teacher for inviting me today.  You won’t be staying?  Teacher conference?  Oh, okay guess we’ll be alright here…How long is this class?  50 minutes?  No,  should be plenty of time.  Sure, you can close the door.  See you in an hour.”
(oh great…an hour in front of these kids, no other adult to shift attention to…what if they decide not to listen?  Goddamn why did I let that rogerian Teacher personage goad me into this, this fuckin sucks…screw this premise…I don’t have to do this, let him try and exert an influence on the path of the Doctrine on his own, let’s see how many Posts a week he gets out with nothing but a white screen and a classroom full of imaginary characters…)
(…still here…shit  well might as well do something…)

“Well class, I understand you are studying the Wakefield Doctrine…(jesus christ!!!) er,,,  I am told by the Teacher that you are very adept  at the Doctrine.”    

“Allow me to begin:  the Wakefield Doctrine is a way of understanding the behavior of those around us and is unique in that it is based on how a person perceives the world.  We consider this the starting point rather than trying to catalog behavior”…(you’re losing them!! lose them?  when the hell did you have them…you practised this, you know that you must engage the class first…otherwise you might as well talk to a wall)…” and not simply list behavior…blah, blah blah”    

“Yes? you in back?  Yes, I did say ‘blah, blah, blah’.
“From this seating chart Teacher gave me you must be Jimmy.  Yes, I would agree, Teacher would have a chart of who is sitting where.  No, I don’t see a Ms. AKH anywhere…student teacher?  Sure Jimmy  they would both be at the Teacher’s Lounge… then that would make the young lady in front of you Miss Janie Sullivan, no?  What?…no,  I am comfortable with addressing you as Miss Sullivan…What?…very good!  I am very clarklike.  I can see why Teacher speaks so highly of you…”    

“…the young lady next to you, Miss Sullivan, the one with the scarf and the hat and the bandana on…I saw you start to raise your hand…you have a question?…(no Jimmy I am sure she can answer for herself)…Britney is it?  what was your question…”Why?,  why what?  Miss Chambers… why the Doctrine?  or why am I here?”    

“One answer might be because I am the leading expert  on the Wakefield Doctrine…not buying that?  Nah, neither would I…a set up?  how very astute Miss Sullivan!”  And you, Britney, why do you agree that this is all a set up?  no Jimmy, let Britney answer…yes Britney…because that is what I would expect?  (lol)  very good.
You are all rather good at this Doctrine  thing, you know that?  Yes Miss…Janie  I don’t think Teacher quite ‘gets’ you, but you will just have to give him time to come to believe that this is all not so weird…enough Jimmy…Mr. Miller is the one you need to watch, not Teacher…”    

“Hey!..the hell with this premise…is that an empty seat between you and Britney?  good…then I am going to…let me just get some tape…and this picture I’m going to tape to the blackboard….right about….here…    



“Let me join you students…no, we will not be telling the Teacher…but the heck with the lecture..I’m just going to sit back here and we can throw questions at those three up in the front…ok?  No, Janie this will not affect your final grade for the class…well…because I wrote the material that you are studying…
…yes I am that one…older in the picture?  why thank you Britney…”    

“So, since we need to say we covered the Doctrine this hour, anyone have any questions that you couldn’t get an answer from Teacher on? or were afraid to ask? No?  here the let me start…”
             ‘hey! clark-on-the-blackboard’,  didn’t you think there was a reason that you always had the same two friends, despite how much of an asshole you thought you really were?  huh?’ 
“(lol) no, Janie  the clarks have that as their fundamental premise…they know they are awful and if they can only get through the day without anyone finding out then it is a good day…really  ask your friend Britney…”
“What’s that Britney?  sure  go ahead ask the three ‘wise men’…”
               ‘hey Wakefield dudes, why did it take the weakest of the three of you to keep at this thing long enough to become a blog…did you never think that you were not interdependent?’  (good one Miss Chambers,  lol)”
(ok, clark  slow it down  you are getting a little lost in character…make a point that all of your 25 Readers can take from this very odd Post…something they can’t ignore)     

“Hey guys.  I got to go…no this will be our little secret…you all know Doctrine well enough to fake it when Teacher comes back and asks about the ‘Lecture’…Janie?  he really admires you but is afraid you will turn out to be scottian…Jimmy, you he knows is a scott, (lol)…Britney…yes this is a bit like the Wizard of Oz…Britney you know the answer…you can see that as much as he needs to believe it, Teacher is afraid of being left behind in a herd that he has evolved beyond.  No, he would never admit it, especially to you as a clarkrogers need the dumb parishioners to shepherd to the Promised Land and to protect from Sin…they can only feel better in contrast” .   

“No, you guys will do alright…Janie?  Ms. AKH was a lot like you when she was a student like…yes I knew her then…no!  Jimmy, that is so scottian of you to say…why the girls like you so much is a depressing validation to the social biologist…”    

“Hey, that Custodian that went by…is that old Mr. B.?  damn, I haven’t seen him since I can’t remember…very good Britney he is a roger…the first roger in a sense  too bad the call of the scott drowned out his higher brain function…what might have been?  fuck that…what it is is all that it is, kids….(lol) please don’t repeat that Janie..”    

“Does he still have videos and things?  Sure Janie, ask him to help us fill that last 6 minutes of the class and I’ll just slip on out that door…”    


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March 17, 2010 at 8:26 pm

the Wakefield Doctrine ( CSR 101)

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     All right, you people, let’s settle down now…It’s been a long break, and we’ve got a ton of new material to cover. I had to notice that no one turned in their ” The Office” home work as requested. ( The Answer I was hoping for? They’re all Rogers!)

     Okay. Today is very special. Today is freaking huge. We have a guest speaker. Or should I say, Guest Speaker. So get out the No.2’s and notebooks, take good notes, and submit your questions and comments in the appropriate place.  Please remember that this is an open forum, and decorum is much appreciated. Our guest’s text will appear as the entire uninterrupted body of the next post. What I’m doing here is generally referred to as ” setting up”. Deemed necessary, because this is a bit of an unusual situation. You’ll see why momentarily.

     We all know him in one regard or another. Downsprings have known him for eons. Acolytes are just getting started, and might be just a bit intimidated. He’s either poking, cajoling, prodding, editing, or selling you a damn hat for your damn head. Putting fires out. Or starting them. Whatever  ” the Doctrine” seems to require.  That’s all quite normal in this day and age.

     There’s one thing, though, that would be way,way out of the box. Way out of the comfort zone. He’s the only person I know with the personal courage to go directly into an excruciatingly uncomfortable spot in spite of himself. Be assured, you would not see either a Roger or a Scott do this.

     The Clark…Unplugged.  Actually, take out the ” The “, too. 

     So… we have Clark. In the “first person”. That is to say, without the affectation of being a blog editor, fake school principal, street interviewer, SL avatar, hat salesman….none of that.  Just the guy who started this thing. ( And for the historical record, this ” thing” dates back to about March of 1975; park bench, Wakefield RI. I know; I was on the other end of that bench.) The damn bench remains; so does the damn doctrine. So get your damn hat on your damn head and check this out….

the Wakefield Doctrine ( From One Progenitor to Another)

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     Of course you’re still writing. Why in the world would you stop?  New readers, new acolytes, new venues… all truly and genuinely phenomenal progress. This has come many light-years from the park bench by the tennis courts, across from the Old Mountain field….and now, thrown as many light-years into the future, we are in a universe where the progressive musings of the Clark are changing people’s lives.

     No need to panic. Where the historic Clark would be long gone, it turns out that the new (est) Digital Clark is actually quite good at this. Posts still have a healthy dose of gut-wrenching Clarkian angst, but overall are longer, more smoothly composed and less abstract. People are getting it. Turns out that you don’t need a secret treble booster in the wah pedal; just turn the sucker up and fly with it. It works, that’s been proven; now just let it do so.

     As for me… not entirely sure. I just haven’t had anything worth offering lately. And I haven’t an editing schedule to keep, thank God. I have found myself noodling about with a bit of a new radical” concept of late. I just need a bit more to go on before allowing the idea to advance. Right now it feels much like the ending of  ” the Sixth Sense”, and somebody around here is Bruce Willis… now that’s cryptic. Can’t say anything more without some good solid forensic and detective work. Just wish I actually knew how to do good solid forensic and detective work. Oh, well. I’ll just have to push on anyway. Will check in when I’ve got anything of interest.

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March 15, 2010 at 3:49 pm

the Wakefield Doctrine (…you do not want to look down…)

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So, what shall we talk about? This is (or will be) a Sunday Post, which is a nice alternative to the dreary Sunday newspapers.(1)

Being the Wakefield Doctrine (aka the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers) we will talk about the Doctrine but we try to put it into terms that are accessible and enjoyable(2) in the hopes of the benefits of this fine system being made useful to you, the Readers(3).

So…, don’t worry. Nothing too weird for this Post.  In fact, I suspect some you might be wondering to yourself (or perhaps to the children as you read them this Post, if as a bedtime story), “Well, Mr. (non)Specific Narrator, why is it that you try with each Post to come up with a different approach/theme/gimmick/hook?”  Well, that is a legitimate question, Mr. (pre)Supposed Reader. Why? You asking me (4)? There is a simple answer(actually 2 simple answers). One) because I want to engage the Reading in a ‘conversation’ about the Doctrine and it’s principles and applications and 2) I find that I enjoy the process of coming up with Posts*

So, I write.
So, you** read.

*(I really should qualify the use of the word ‘enjoy’. In my use of the terms I intend to denote a range of emotion extending from a feeling of quiet elation as the result of a well-received/perceived Post to abject despondency when confronted with an idea that while exciting when first occurring, plummets into a state that is best expressed as: where the fuck is the delete button on this thing, the hell with the whole blog/blogsphere/hell, the whole internet.)



…how about me?

Shit… ok I give up.  You are going to have to endure one of those ‘tortured writer’s’ Post.  Sorry, not meaning it the way it seems to look/sound.
Heres the thing.  Still working with the belief that ‘new content is king’ and that the ever hungry god google wants, demands, requires new content or this blog will be cast aside as casually as…as..(see? nothin is working).  I have a goal of a new content level set at a minimum of 3 Posts a week.  Three Posts that will say something about the Doctrine and will encourage our regular Readership to come back.   And hopefully, hook-in the occasional new Reader.  Fine goal.

But we are reaching the point (probably no different from every/any other blog in the world) where the low hanging fruit is gone and it is necessary to somehow step up to the next level.  I sense that threshold, I even have an inner confidence that I will find the way to get over the next hurdle because this thing of ours will not stop until I hear a totally un-related person (with no direct connection to this blog), (like on TV or other media) say something like: ‘how scottian is that’, or ‘he is such a roger’. Then and only then I can stop doing these Posts.  Unfortunately, that time is not here so there will be Posts like this, which require that most favorite thing of( any clark) and that is, ‘getting personal/writing stuff that might not be as clever as I would like’.

Well, that’s what we have today, so let’s get on with it, those of you regular Readers, feel free to go read some old Posts, (try the one with the pictures of the clarks, scotts and rogers (turtle, dog, cow  respectively).) You new Readers…well you’re kind of stuck.

(Despite how the above may sound), I am not un-happy with where the Doctrine is today.  We have a good core of Readers, who are beginning to get comfortable enough to write Comments.  We have a steady rate of readership and I am starting to look into getting some professional help with the layout of this blog, make it more user friendly.  Should know more this week….

See?  I can’t do it.  I just do not have the ego or the self-confidence or whatever you call it to sit here and just talk about things that are happening to me/to the Doctrine.  Damn.  I guess I will need to find it in myself to somehow come up with something anyway.  What are ya gonna do.  Blank paper + words = new Post.  Pretty simple, isn’t it?

(Yes, roger, you are correct, the fact is I am still writing…) So in a word, the Doctrine will continue.  I will continue to find something to write about and no matter how it makes me feel, I will make sure Posts are here that are new (new sounding anyway).  And while our scotts are stepping up and contributing more and more, the rogerian contingency is off by itself these days.  This is a horrible concept, but one I must in all sincerity warn the clarks about,  things do change.  As my boy Zeno says, ‘you can’t step in the same river twice, yo’.  So in that delightfully ‘horrifying- because-not-only-can-you-not-stop-the-process- but- most-of-you-does-not-want-to-stop’ the process, you do a thing and watch your world shift.  And it is not always a happy thing.  But you do it anyway.

Okay, okay…I was developed for a reason…attention Fillmore High Students…get under your desks..there is severe maudlin threat..yes..who else would this be?  jeez retain much backstory do we?..these people may have created me and the school and all, but sometimes…I just wonder…these are the Wakefield Doctrine people…no one said it was being written by SAG card carrying…lol  I know…I got here just barely in time to bail these guys out…so here is the lesson today:

the Wakefield Doctrine offers amusement and enlightenment…(no, Mr. M not a big word for a high school junior)…it’s a blog for goodness sake, it is not War and Peace…remember what the writer guys say: read, learn and buy a hat…don’t you love those hats?…lol yes I am pushing for tee shirts…ok, all clear,  I think, as your student monitor, that it is safe to come out from under the desks now…Mr. B  do something!

OK.  I think I have it out of my system.

Starting next Post, that is lol.  We will be doing Posts devoted to each of the three types.  The next Post will be about clarks, then scotts and finally rogers.

Thanks for sitting through this one,  oh and remind me to work on the content in the Pages.  Gots to get that more organised.

Always a chance to win a hat.  (Or maybe later in the season we will have the tee shirts ready…suggestions for designs are welcome.  Am thinking: Fillmore High Faculty (got to check and see how many real Fillmore High Schools there are first.)

OK some music then we are outa here.

…’the whole rythmn section was the Purple Gang’…damn!

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the Wakefield Doctrine (…really? jeez a little caught up in this thing?…)

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‘All Along the Watchtower’ (…slight return) 

Yeah, I know.  How do you think I feel, I’m the one stuck with an idea that won’t go away and stays until it finds it’s way into a Post.
But re-writing song lyrics?  Dylan??!!  mf the things this Doctrine makes me do.  Damn.  Not that it matters, but every now and then I get a glimpse into the process that has been created by the Wakefield Doctrine in general and by this blog in particular.  And sometimes it scares me.  But then it passes, because the Doctrine will be served and melodramatics aside, I do this thing because I want to, for myself (and my people, of course).  Will not name them but only one of the three (types) see a value in the Doctrine  in changing (oneself).   (As we say out here in the damn troposphere:  read, learn and buy a hat).

(…so hum the melody, preferably the Hendrix version, and sing along!)   (…and don’t tell Bob)

the thing called the Wakefield Doctrine
this is our blogs name
theory of clarks, scotts and rogers
it will soon find fame
so hum the tune in your head
as you continue to read
it will all come to make sense by the time you are  through,yeah

there are just three kinds of people
among all that are alive
clarks and scotts and the rogers
I swear this ain’t no jive
each can be seen out in the world
if you just know what to look for
keep humming Jimi in your head, I have a whole lot more, yeah

clarks are the first of the three
they all live in their heads
they make up all kinds of stuff
they are really creative
but they barely ever relate
almost nothing is true
their only hope for a normal life are the other two,yeah

then we have friends that are called scotts
talk about a clear type
they might bark and they might bite
but they are a whole lot of fun
give them credit they know how to live
from them we can learn
to live and not think too much, always on the run, yeah

finally we have our rogers
the third of our three types
they are the exact ones, the engineers
the judges and the lawyers
they keep life civilized
if it were not for the rogers
we would not not have the damn internet and this would not be here, yeah

so my apologies to Zimmerman
for using his Watch Tower song
am getting near to the end,  it won’t be too long
I can’t believe I get like this
trying to just write a blog
but that is in fact my fate
let us end this now, isn’t the Wakefield Doctrine great, yeah

…excuse me getting me kinda nervous now.  I may be a developing fictional character, so am not easily surprised but wtf was that?  Teacher!  CSR101 Teacher, you might want to get some of that reality sawdust that janitor uses,  have  slight spill outside artsy class!  not that I don’t admire the effort but don’t these Progenitors have lives?  I did say that I was fictional, right?  yeah developing too, grow  up Mr. Miller!…really I just think that these Doctrine people…including those Downstreams? Handstands? whatever they call themselves ought to get together and chip in for a life for these poor people …either that or work a lot harder and get this blog thingie a lot more famous than it is…maybe more with their Fashion line, btw I love their hats…maybe tee shirts too!…I know! I know! how about:   “I (heart) Janie Sullivan”,  no! wait! even better…”Janie is a figment of your imagination…you wish”  lol get that out and sell a million of them on the internet and maybe these poor Progenitors can have a quiet time in their golden years…I understand there is a retirement home,  Weber Old Folks Home I think it is called  where the decor is done in mid-20th C  college dorm  and all the meals are served cafeteria style…they even have ‘stereos’ in the rooms – whatever those are…so all you Readers  write something so these guys can get some rest…I am not going to stay an imaginary high school student forever you know…ta

OK.  That about wraps up this late night edition of the Wakefield Doctrine. Oh, oh, before I forget…big shout out to our newest RITC (Reader Willing To Comment)  Lance.  Hey thanks Lance!  Let us know if you liked the Post you were Commenting on because it was written in ‘French’ and you live there or because it was written in French and you couldn’t figure wtf we were up to…in any case thanks for the Comment.  (btw went to your blog, I really, really hope you are a physician or at least someone in the medical field,  lol)

Want to thank Mr. B for his video to accompany our little ‘blog as lyrics’,  totally still prefer the Hendrix version.  Something a little light to take us out?

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March 11, 2010 at 6:24 am

the Wakefield Doctrine (…”Arlene took me by the hand, and said oooh eee daddy I understand”…)

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The thinking around the Doctrine of late,  has been, “hey do we help/let/inform the new Readers of the Wakefield Doctrine sufficiently so that this sometimes…eccentric?(nah)…eclectic?(warm but still not)…ecclesiastical? (no! god no)…blog  is clear to the first time Reader?
(or to put that in scottian terms, “Hey! you gettin this or what?”)
Today’s Post will be a review and outline, if you will, of the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers).  A definition of the Doctrine, it’s goals and an outline of the ways and means (as roger might say) that we employ to present this thing of ours to you the Reader.  So read, learn, enjoy (and buy a hat).

You regular Readers,  think of this as a surprise Teachers Conference Day (you remember those days off that were never the same time year to year, but were also not regular holidays so you could be home and your parents and the rest of the world went on about it’s business, and you got to see the world like a bunk day without the threat of getting caught?)  You people can skip to the bottom (no, not literally clark) and see what Mr. B has ‘provided’.  We will catch up with you at the end, have some news and current events so don’t just leave after the videos. 

OK  back to our Presentation…

The Wakefield Doctrine is a fun and useful way to view and understand the behavior of those around us, at home and at work and at play.  Some might call it a system of personality types, and while we do have three ‘types’ (clarks, scotts and rogers), we are not setting out to assign certain behaviors to the types.  Instead we say, here is how this person perceives the world.  (Their) behavior always follows from that.  Not the other way around.  This blog has pages for each, clark, scott and roger, click on the link and you can get more detailed information about each.
So that is what the Wakefield Doctrine is, what we are trying to do is bring it to as many people as possible.  We have found that once a person gets the basic concept and identifies the types of people around them, there is no turning back.  And this is a good thing.  If you understand how a scottian person perceives the world, you will know how they will act in any situation.  The same for clarks and rogers.  Then combine this knowing how others will act with your knowledge of your own type, and you got it made in the shade.  If you know you are a clark and you are dealing with a roger, then (as the song says) ‘you won’t get fooled again’.  (Not that it is only about getting fooled, but it is totally about understanding how others see you and how your own view of the world is only one of three possible ways to perceive it.)

So that is the what is the DoctrineWho is the Doctrine is also pretty straightforward.  You will see reference to Progenitors and Downsprings. Progenitors are the three handsome/striking/slightly odd gentleman in the photo in the upper left of this page.  The Downsprings are the people who help write this thing of ours, people who learned of the Doctrine and are basically self-taught but show a gift for expressing the Doctrine.  You will see them in Posts and Comments and other places around here, be sure to say hi.  And finally there are Friends of the Doctrine.  These are people who we have met since the blog started and have been of help and support, Mel at the Spatula, Jason at Project: Enlightenment, Ronin at the Renaissance, Pixieblonde at Secondlifewith… as well as others like Kino and Jen and others.

How we do this thing, present the Doctrine is where it gets interesting.  We try to present some facts (about the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers) with each Post, but often we create a format just to present the information in an entertaing or amusing way.  You will find Posts that have Interviews with Downsprings and Progenitors, you will find an ‘Advice Column’ in one Post (written by the very capable Ms. AKH) and finally you will find Posts that (appear to) take place in a High School.  Specifically a certain Millard Fillmore High, and even more specifically in the 11th grade AP class: CSR 101.  Not only that but you will find characters that return again and…

Characters?  You better smile when you say that, even if you are a Progenitor!  Never mind him…what he is trying to say  (can you say pedantic? lol) there is a storyline here that seems to be developing sort of in it’s own.  Starring!  yours truely…Janie….Janie Sullivan…like you haven’t gone and looked me up!…as if…anyway these ‘people’ seem to bore easily and then resort to making up situations that involve me and my bff  Britney and even our childhood friend Jimmy.  Well…being easily distracted  once we showed up, (the rogers first CSR 101 class) there was no keeping us quiet, but they’re ok  just a little stuffy sometimes…except that Glenn..‘would you like a tegretol in your coffee, Mr M?  Anyway we are the entertaining aspect to this Doctrine thingie…but I have to say  it is all true…just ask Teacher…he is such a roger…lol  see ya


So there you have it.  The Wakefield Doctrine.  What.  Who.  How. Why, when, where or some damn thing…

What?  Oh sorry and there is the estimable Mr. B who has come to us to help us stay amused and entertained.

(For our scottian Readers)

Now for the rogers

clarks, (yeah that was one of the single greatest guitar licks at the end of the song)

the Wakefield Doctrine (…on with their hats…)

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There is much to talk about but first, the fun of fashion, Doctrine Style. Envy the owners of the scottian heads that will soon be adorned by this fine hat.             

A fine hat for your own damn scottian head.

 Look on this, and feel the desire grow within your heart on behalf of your un-hatted head.  Pretty nice, you say?  Damn right is pretty nice.  Maybe even too nice!  

The lucky two with these hats (Ms. AKH and Ms. Pixieblonde) are both fortunate and deserving of your envious thoughts, you should accept that you must earn such fashion.  There will be new opportunity for both Men and Women of the clarklike, scottian and rogerian varieties, to earn such  headcoverings.            

Alright, enough with the hats already.  They have theirs and you can get yours if you really want to, but we are not here, writing this to sell hats.

We are here writing this to sell* the Wakefield Doctrine (aka the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers).
And by *sell we mean present to as many as qualified** people as possible the principles and practical applications*** of said Doctrine.
And by **qualified we mean  people who upon visiting this blog and reading it’s content are capable of loosening the grip of  dogma  enough to allow the overlay of the description of the world that the Doctrine offers.
And by ***principles and practical applications of the Doctrine, we mean  it offers an alternative, an adjunct to the way most of us interpret the actions, behaviors and intentions of the people we live and work and play with every day of our lives****.
And by****lives, we mean the increasingly rigid lens through which we not only perceive the world we exist in, but we also use  as the template which informs our experiences as we live our lives.          

Let’s talk about practical applications (of the Doctrine)….the Doctrine  tells us that only one of the three (clarks, scotts and rogers) consider  a tool that is useful in altering themselves (and thereby their realities) to be a valuable thing.  In other words to change themselves.  You know who you are.
Another of the three will, if engaged sufficiently in the Wakefield Doctrine, consider the most valuable is as a tool to change others, changing the view that the world has of them.
Finally, the third (of the three) will view the Doctrine  as a tool, a weapon, to aid them in dealing with the hostile world they live in.         

Tired?  Bored?  You want what?  Come on people, learn first then have fun.         

(Alright…damn, I wonder if Rev Moon had to put up with this…alright…short break for you attention-span challenged Readers….I see you out there  scott.    Jeez,  try to bring the Secret of the Universe to the masses and what do you get…”More videos!!” and they are not even mine, if it wasn’t for the youtube we probably would have been shut down months ago.  OK  here you go…)        

OK  back to work…  

(Free hat to the Reader who correctly identifies which of the three Ray was; to enter you  need to write a Comment at the bottom of this Post.  You must tell us which Ray is (clark, scott or roger) and why that is the case.  Free hat to the first 5 correct responses recieved by 4:00 pm Monday March 8th)       

OK.  Back to work. 

… lets get all Readers Digest on this thing.   

  • clarks live inside their own heads because it’s all much better in there
  • clarks are the only (one of the three) to sincerely entertain the idea that it would be better to be someone else
  • clarks read a lot and to say that clarks daydream a lot is to totally go redundant
  • clarks work very hard at whatever they do but since we are bored very easily, do not do well at repetitive tasks
  • clarks are the creative one(s) of the three
  • clarks share, to a fault
  • clarks believe that if they work hard and help others unselfishly at some point they will no longer be different
  • ‘knowledge is power’ is a keystone concept to clarks

It can be said that clarks can believe anything and therefore believe in nothing. (If you know what that means, you are a clark).     

yeah here too, lets get all Readers Digest on this thing.   

  • scotts are leaders (because they are certain, not necessarily right, but certain).
  • scotts are self-confident/self-assured/certain (which is why, of course, they are the leaders)
  • scotts are emotional in a way different from rogers, it is for the moment emotion, not much grudge holding
  • in a band it is always a scott who is the ‘front man’, (see leader above)
  • at a party scotts will not hesitate to introduce themselves (to everyone)
  • for the most part, when confronted with a threat or other fear-generating situation, a scott will choose to attack rather than flee
  • scottian females can be ridiculously sexy or quick witted, hardly ever both.
  • (female) scotts can be spotted because they have prominent throat tendons (ask us why)

One of the most useful metaphors in the Wakefield Doctrine is: grouping (when you have more than one of each type, what do the characteristics tell us about the individual?)       

a group of scotts is a pack     

you gotta like the form, its a fucking bullet list, but lets get all Readers Digest on this thing.   

  • rogers are the friendly ones
  • rogers are the glue to whatever social fabric you might care to consider, civic, religious, scientific
  • rogers require rules and traditions, they are in fact the only ‘reason’ that history of human civilization has any continuity whatsoever
  • rogers are behind the creation or and perpetuation of virtually all human institutions, religious, civic, political whatever
  • rogers do not create, they maintain, they assemble, they are the machine operators
  • rogers are the engineers, accountants and physicians
  • rogers are the judges, the firefighters and high school teachers (except for gym teachers)
  • rogers believe in a quantifiable universe to such a depth that it is not seperable
  • when you are new to a neighborhood, rogers are the ones who come over to introduce themselves, and they will appear in a group ( herd), the scotts are the neighbors who always offer to help you with projects, scotts will feel comfortable asking to borrow and offering to lend things, but they will show up (at your house) alone.

    Herds,  rogers be in herds…  

 Well, that is helpful, no?  

Alright, we have covered a lot of ground.  No, there will be no questions from the floor, roger.  The eyes I see have a distinct glaze.  

But in all seriousness, read this shit and look around you today, right now. Pick one person only and decide whether they are a clark, scott or roger. And keep checking their behavior against the Doctrine.  I guarentee that once you find one, the others will be much more obvious.  You will probably spot a roger first, but any of the three will do.  Personally, I think it would be easier and more fun to spend a little extra time and find your nearest clark. (The clarklike females are totally easy to spot).  Don’t bother with which of the three you are at this point.  Not important.  You just want to spot the clarks, and the scotts and the rogers around you.  Like one of those old puzzles in the back of kids magazines or Sunday supplements,  “Find the tigers in the jungle”; once you discern the first pattern, the rest jump out at you.  

Now don’t think we don’t know that which of the three (clarks, scotts or rogers) you happen to be, will have an effect  on how you respond to this…but by virtue of the fact that you are still reading, still with us is proof that you have what it takes to apply the Doctrine in your own life. 

Good luck, don’t forget the contest and don’t worry so much… 

Written by clarkscottroger

March 7, 2010 at 12:02 am