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TMT Tuesday Take 6 the Wakefield Doctrine…. (‘Health Insurance companies push for rules to prohibit adults over 40 from sitting on the ground (in a non-emergency manner’)

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


So Jen and Kristi  are here for the Week’s  Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday 6

You know, the challenging thing about these TMT Tuesdays is not writing the Posts, it’s the mental/emotional time travel that you need to do to find songs that elicit a certain mood or feeling. S0me of the songs on today’s list I didn’t like when they were first released (well, maybe only one of them… the Orleans). But, when I hear the song and let my mind wander…. Summer in the 70s is where I end up.

Nothing sez summer in the ’60s Like Sylvester and them!


“…think joints and cheap wine sitting on the ground.  Man, how we change as we get older! Try to imagine yourself,  out, maybe in town and you happen upon a band (or a musician)  playing,  maybe in a park or on the Town Green and you decide to just sit on the ground to listen to the music for a while.
Remember back to the point in your life when sitting on the ground was not an unusual act, our joking reference to the wine and pot…well, while it’s tempting to think that they (and the altered state of consciousness they are meant to induce) was what allowed you to sit on the ground, I personally do not believe that was the reason we could sit on the ground. I’m not 100% sure what changed, but what does comes to mind is the sense of propriety that all adults are expected to possess.  I remember last Summer. I was out on business, in my car and I passed a hitchhiker. Didn’t stop…had an appointment and all. But the thing is, later that afternoon, on my way back to the office, I spotted him on the side of the road. Sitting on the ground, right by the side of the road (in fact, leaning up against a sign that told everyone moving in excess of 3 mph how they could find the interstate), he did not appear to be in distress or under the influence…but he seemed to be just resting.  As a clark, I stared in wonder at the unself-conscousness of his choice of resting spots.
Hell, watch an ‘adult’ person, in the right and rare circumstances, attempt to sit on the ground. The caution and tentativeness that they imbue this simple act is…. well old!

Lets not be so quick to leave the 60s


The 70s had Summers too, ya know!


Speakin for the 80’s


Well, lets close by getting somewhere in the 21st Century…. ( a time when the best rock songs were being played on ‘country music’ stations.)




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May 7, 2013 at 6:29 pm

Video Friday over at the ‘real’ Wakefield Doctrine

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It is still true that this blog (Wakefield Doctrine Redux)  is intended for content that is more challenging (to the Reader) than is to be found at the ‘main’ Wakefield Doctrine blog.  That does not mean that we can not or should not use this site to promote and/or drive traffic to the Doctrine.
What all this effort is for, to reach out to the world and make the Wakefield Doctrine available to any and all people who possess the necessary intellectual and emotional strength to understand what we offer, if not to get people to go to the Wakefield Doctrine blogsite.

To borrow from the film industry (we know they will not mind!):

I’ll be all around…Wherever there’s a fight so hungry people can eat…Whenever there’s a cop beating a guy, I’ll be there…And when the people are eatin’ the stuff they raise and livin’ in the houses they build. I’ll be there too.”
(Grapes of  Wrath).
So lets look in on the Wakefield Doctrine for their last Video Friday:
You know that was not only fun to do (as the Interviewer) but it was informing to listen to, as a Reader. I am starting to notice a trend here with these videos, in terms of the goal of this approach. We are trying, of  course, to convey the Wakefield Doctrine as it is understood ( and utilized!) by ‘regular people’! ( Well, as regular as a DownSpring might be, lol). But I think we are seeing this approach pay off. The understanding of the rogerian personality is much greater after the interview with DownSring Phyllis (as well as DownSpring Joanne) than all of the Posts and Pages that have been written!  Even though he is  the Progenitor roger, even RCoyne does not convey the feeling of, “hey, this is how the world is, nevermind how you think it is” from the rogerian perspective. Damn!
This will, no doubt, be seen as we find people of the scottian and clarklike nature to talk to on this Video Fridays.
So, if any of you reading this right now would like to participate in a Video Friday interview, all ya gotta do is write a Comment and let us know. I will follow up and see where it takes us. If you would rather talk to a DownSpring, ( we know how nervous some people get around celebrities…lol) then go over to the gurl   or that scottian chick and ask them to help you get famous.

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August 6, 2011 at 8:49 am

the Wakefield Doctrine 3 personality types: use it or lose it!

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Forgive the non-sensical Post Title. It is very early in the day and sometimes a silly title gets the words out of the keyboard more efficaciously than all the coffee in Canada. And that is the first goal. Words. Post. New Content.

This iteration of the Wakefield Doctrine is meant for the more seasoned Reader, those familiar with the basic tenets of the Doctrine, although a new Reader should get something from reading this thing.  As fans note immediately, this Wakefield Doctrine blog does not sport clever photos or have catchy music videos, just words. Some Posts have a lot of words, other Posts, not so much, depends. Today will be a brief Post. All this Post is meant to do is to encourage those of you who come across this thing and have sufficient curiosity and/or are intrigued by what we seem to be doing, to take a minute and write us a Comment. Nothing elaborate or insightful, we don’t need analyzin or dramatizin  just drop us a line* and tell us how we are doing.  Thank you.

And as to what we are doing, at least at this blog, is learning about the Wakefield Doctrine. Now you can say, ‘Of course you are’  or as the scottian Reader might express it, “no shit!”; allow us say that while the Doctrine is a  unique and useful theory of personality, totally ready to apply to your life situations, we here at the Doctrine are learning (new) aspects of it every day!  Just because Einstein wrote his famous equation (one afternoon after a nooner with Mileva), does not mean that we know everything about it (the Equation, not the nooner)! (Well, maybe some of our Readers are not familiar with the concept…nooner-istically speaking…we’re looking at you, clarklike guys!).

In any event, thats not whats important right now. What is important is that those of us here (Progenitors and DownSprings and Readers) are constantly seeing application and validation of the Wakefield Doctrine. As a theory of personality, the primary use and value of the Doctrine is to help you understand the behavior of the people in your life. Maybe it is better to say, the Doctrine can offer you a perspective on behavior that you don’t have and with it you can answer the question we all ask ourselves from time to time, the Question: “Now why one earth would he (or she) go and do a thing like that? I thought I knew them better than that!”
Once you learn the ‘basics’ of the Wakefield Doctrine, you will simply not be able to interact with people without thinking, ‘what a dick! that was such a rogerian thing to do’  or ‘damn, wanna turn down to ’12’ scott’? or even  ‘jeez, I did not know that there was even such a thing as sparkle-infused hair coloring! What is that shade called, metallic candy-apple red?’
The above examples are not exaggerations. They happen when you understand that all people are either clarks, scotts or rogers. The Doctrine is useful. The Doctrine is helpful. The Doctrine is fun!

So, what I started out trying to say was, ‘we welcome any observations or questions or thoughts you may have about how you see the world after you have read about the Wakefield Doctrine.’
We also recommend our DownSprings blogs that they write; like DS#1’s Girlie on the Edge  or Ms. AKH’s 3 Personality Types. Go read them things.

Stop on back, ya heah?

* ‘drop us a line’  how old is that expression!

the Wakefield Doctrine is “over there” so get on over, yo

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Stopped in here at the old homestead. Everything looks smaller but friendlier. Wish I knew how to link this directly or rather to have a feed of Posts come in from the Doctrine.

But for now just be sure to stop by: the Wakefield Doctrine and say hello

the Wakefield Doctrine (…”she said ‘Love’?, Lord above!”…)

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This is what we seem to have come to…interim Posts…(google wants new content!!!give google new content! NOW!!)

So wait ’til you see what we have in store for you all…the next Post (which is supposed to be this Post) will be the start of a series, a Case Study of the Wakefield Doctrine as it is applied to a work situation.
I suppose I could do the ‘set-up’ here now and then let DownSpring#1 have the whole Post for ‘exposition’. Nothing says that we can’t do two Posts back to back. Hey, this is the Wakefield Doctrine, we can do anything we want, goddamn it!

Oh, watch for a slight  change in the look of the Wakefield Doctrine by weeks end. Have gone the ‘self-hosting’ route (thanks a lot, Mel  lol) and while I am going to keep the changes to a minimum initially, you will see some look and feel differences. I have not even seen what it will look like. I did tell my consultant guy that I wanted the same: (the) Post center and the Map and other widgets in columns to the right and left.

Since we are just ‘vamping’, what the hell is going on with the time acceleration? Tell me I am the only one who  is seeing the rate of time passage/the degree of falling behind on day-to-day tasks increasing…noticeably. I really hope it is just me. I can deal with the problem of not keeping up, if this speeding up of time is a world-wide  phenomenon, then I might indulge in being worried.

Speaking of running out of time…March is Survey Questions Month! Sometime in the next week or so, look for a Post that is all about Survey Questions. The goal is to develop an online survey that will let Readers determine they type, yo.  It should consist of 10 or 20 questions, answer eac, hit Enter and find out the answer. Joanne is in charge and we are looking forward to ggreat things from her. (Joanne was recently elected Mistress of Testifying by a near unanimous vote of Progenitors and Downsprings) congratulations Joanne! (“…now you’re tryin to to trick me…” )

Okay…OKay stop this right here…! I may be a construct but OMFG at  least I am alive and young (of course  cute too) but that video!  no you stop…sure you are the ‘real’ people and yes you are writing this and I will even allow that it makes for a catchy subtitle…but the video!  omg I can’t believe you old people…look at the people in the video,  those are my grandparents!  NO, it does need to be pointed out…because not all your Readers are old, so very old…I can’t understand myself, but the fact is we have some Readers under the age of geriatric.  You must  control the nostalgia…facebook is full of people who are not trying to refer to cultures that are more than 1 generation dead…sorry, (not)… just my opinion…no, I realise the pressure of writing Posts…no really I am sure it is very difficult…as a matter of  fact I could!…no I am not joking..just say when…alright I will! but no ‘editorial review..’ no censorship (I heard what you did to poor Mr. Miller’s speech to the class a few weeks ago)…I think that all censorship is wrong…especially here…so what if what he said in his lecture was stupid, and only meant for shock value…don’t you think the Readers would know that he was a scott and is no more responsible for that kind of behaviour than the little puppy who poops on the rug because he has not yet been housebroken?..of course I am…so its a deal right?  full Post…any subject I want…and video and any friend i choose to invite…no I dont have any psychological twists to untangle in public…after all I am a Junior at Millard Fillmore High School  how wholesome is that?…why no,  I think the Janitor is simply a nice guy who made some bad choices…scottian women will do that to a guy…wouldn’t you like to know!  OK I better get to work…can’t wait to tell Britney…see ya.

Ok, Janie does have a point…about the old shit…so lets have some not so old shit to get us out…Don’t forget  Case Study  coming up. Will be fun and useful.

Hey Mel!  where do I stick the ad for the Rejuvo Pills that I can now sell cause I be sef-hosted?

Now for a little light  but enjoyable pop music to get out on…(13 seconds of commercial first but it should keep the MPAA at bay)

the Wakefield Doctrine (how can it be Sunday, if theres not a new Post. there must be a new Post cause its Sunday)

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(Before we begin, a word about….nah never mind.  You wouldn’t understand.  Forget I said anything.)

But no, let me say this,  I want to get a scott to say something about scotts. Here at the Doctrine we are in a developmental phase (soon to be announced watch this space!).   Anyway, one of the challenges here at the Wakefield Doctrine is that it is axiomatic that clarks are different from scotts and rogers.  And while I am an expert at the Doctrine, I will tend to write as a clark, which means that I am not speaking to the scotts or the rogers in their respective languages.  We will solve this problem soon, but right now I have to get a Post out because it is, as the subtitle plainly says, Sunday.

So Glenn, you are reading this on a daily basis.  Get the concierge to let you sign on and make a Comment.  A long Comment.  I will incorporate it into this Post.  Just write the words, I will handle everything else.
Ms. AKH, the same thing.  You are both scotts so give us some insight into the scottian nature.  As you both can see, I have divided what was to have been the Post into Themes A and B and C.  Use them as you see fit, address them or reference them, not caring.  I am the Producer, here are your sets, props, tools call them what you will.

Theme A
Let’s talk about scotts!  That’s! right!…scotts.  The scottian element.  The here and now only action speaks louder than…what was the question?  I act therefore I am.  The id and only “give me a primal“, “give me a drive.”..what’s that spell?  Who the fuck cares…scotts don’t need no steenkin spellin…

Even though this entire Post is on the subject of scotts, we do not have to do the dry…boring…how many words can we use to describe…clarklike approach.  And scotts are not dumb…(they may be stupid at times) but they are not dumb, rather quite intelligent in a quick witted, problem-solving, shortest-path, not particularly creative way.  Smart as a whip is often how they are described.

(You know how we loves our videos here at the Doctrine; not just for entertainment but for education, illustration, demonstration and elucidation….purposes.  Our discussion of the scottian nature is especially suited to illustration (by behavior as shown in said video.)

Theme B
It helps if you are a music fan in general and a (guitar) music fan in particular, but as this video shows us the scottian nature as it is totally focused on producing a (specific) reaction in the audience it is playing to…(this can be a literal audience as with Joe here or it can be a more figurative audience say the people at a party in front of whom the scott is telling ‘just over the line offensive’ jokes or is simply being an astonishingly provocative personality.  And since I just used the word, I think provocative is probably the most appropriate adverb(adjective?) who the f*&k knows  they want to get a reaction from their environment.  I was about to say, ‘their immediate environment’ but that would be un-necessary.  The immediate is the only thing for scotts.

Another (musical) example of the scottian personality as seen in an entertainer.


Theme C
For that matter, let me state the obvious:  this Post is not being written by a scott…(although efforts are being made to bring in a scott on this) so while the information that we are presenting on the nature of scotts is totally correct, the scottian Reader has long since wandered off in search for something more satisfying to chase.
So, why are we still typing? Because this is the Wakefield Doctrine (aka the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers) it is not the

So there you have it.  A (scottian) do-it-yourself  Post.  Pick a Theme and write a Comment, your Producer will turn it into a Post.  Hats? did someone say hats? If you say hats, then I say….. CONTEST!!

Here is the Contest:  Reader(s) to take one of the Themes and write a Comment (of suitable length, say 250 words) from a scottian perspective.  Do this thing and you will win a hat for your damn head* Come one, take a chance write words what harm can it do, not like anyone is gonna read the fuckin thing.  Pixie, oh Pixieblonde you are our scottian ava of choice, come on down win a hat and I will throw in the first tee shirts as soon as they are delievered. (choice: I (heart) Janie Sullivan or (arrow to the right on front) saying: I’m with him (he is such a roger)

* Glenn and Ms. AKH not eligible.

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March 21, 2010 at 5:46 pm

the Wakefield Doctrine (…alright, recess is over, time to get back to work)

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That certainly was different…perhaps a way of ‘letting off steam’ or even just having fun, nothing says this blog has to be all serious.  But our task remains, the goal of this blog remains ever the same:  to present the Wakefield Doctrine (aka the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers) in a way that is easy to understand and allows you, the Reader, to apply (it’s) principles to your daily life.

I believe it was in the (…you do not want to look down) Post…we said that we will be focusing on each of the three types, one Post for each.  First up: clarks.

To begin, this Post will not be about clarks in the sense of what they are, or how to spot them or even (their) characteristics.  This Post is concerned with clarks from the perspective of how they relate to this Wakefield Doctrine thing.  A clark reading this blog will be curious and will read much of the material, but they will do this in order to compare what the Doctrine is to the system they already have in place.  Information is the central feature in the world of the clarks.

(A little dry, but then we are talking about clarks…) but stay with us here. This Post and the two to follow will be of value to us in answering the question:  ‘how do I get through to a clark (or a scott or a roger)?’
Put another way, spotting a roger or a scott or a clark is pretty simple.  But, ‘speaking the language’ of these three types of people is not so simple.

Our challenge is to learn to communicate with the other(s) in their language, on their terms.
A clark talking to a scott will sound like a clark (to that scott).  But it is possible for that clark to speak to the scott in the ‘scottian language’
Of course, we are not talking about ‘languages’ in the everyday sense and it is more  about being able to perceive reality as the other does.
If you can do that, you will automatically speak their language.

Lets try this:  you’re a clark (come back scott, come back  lol), you are standing in a room full of people at some social fucntion.  Being a clark,  you are standing in a corner and you are looking around and listening to everyone,  trying to learn what is expected of you.  Into the room comes a scott, who immediately begins to ‘work the room’, going from person to person, establishing ranking and locating food.  This scott does not need to learn (what is expected of them), they simply need to act.  To survive.
If you, (a clark) goes up to this scott and offers information, you will be identified as a clark.  To the scottian brain:  you are not a competitor and you are not food.  The scott will be cautious, until you are identified to the scotts satisfaction)

But, suppose for a minute, you could speak scottian, the language of a scott. What do you suppose the difference would be?
You would not be offering information, for a start.  And you would not be trying co-operate with this (scott).  You would simply communicate with the scott directly.
(Now, the clarks out there reading this are leaping ahead of this little example…the implications of switching perspective to that of the other….hold up clarkies…lets try to bring along the rogers and scotts…they are not running out ahead on this one…)

So you go up to the scott and first and formost demand their attention.  You become a scott.

Let’s just put it this way:  the Wakefield Doctrine can provide you with enough information/perspective/encouragement to enable you to perceive the world as the other two types do and, by doing this, you will be able to communicate with them more effectively.  Totally.

Of course, if you do this you may find that the message that you are trying to convey to the other person is changed by the fact that you are seeing the world differently.  But that is a Post length topic in and of itself.  In the following Posts we will consider this changing of the message effect that comes when we see the world through the eyes of another.  This will be most difficult to the scotts and the rogers, but hey if this were easy I would be on TV by now.

Lets finish with a little (more) music.

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March 18, 2010 at 6:54 pm