the Wakefield Doctrine

the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers


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I think sometimes I am (a scott) then other times I must be (a clark). Whats up with that?

You’re a clark.

Hey, wait you can’t be that sure on the basis of one question!

Yes I can. (I’m a clark)

The question you should be asking is, ‘why does it seems that sometimes we are one form, other times others’. And the answer is that we have the potential of all three, we just get in the habit of seeing the world one characteristic way, i.e. clark, scott or roger.

Is there any scientific basis for the Wakefield Doctrine?

No. (see the ‘About’ page.)

When I read this site, it seems like there is really only one person writing. Can that possibly be true? What happened to the collaborative thing.


I thought this was a FAQ pages, I don’t see all that many Questions.

…I’m waiting for a question… ‘what part of ‘Frequently asked questions’ are you brainiacs missing? There would be useful information if some of you scottian adhd cases or you middle-of-the-herd rogerian mouth-breathers would conquer your fear of anything that doesn’t already have a DYNAMO brand embossed label stuck to this blog letting you know that it was within your admittedly limited range of initiative and realise that you would not be struck down by Jethro were you to actually  reach out and turn on your computer and asked a question.


Written by clarkscottroger

July 21, 2009 at 9:51 am

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  1. Alright, let’s explain the reference above to an entity called “Jethro”. For the uninitiated, the reference may make no sense without some explication. I am a scott, but have always been drawn to the wierd constructs of all clarks. This “jethro” thing is one of the best. Clark, when thinking about what Rogers call “God”, once theorized that if there is a God, he is probab ly stupid and mean. A benevolent, wise and loving god would never allow children to be abused or crippled–or diseases to make people suffer–or bad people to win as so often happens here on earth. So, God, if he exists, cannot be benevolent or wise. He must be stupid, like Jethro on the Beverly Hillbillies—but with a co-occuring mean streak. Whenever we ride down the street and see some poor schlub in a wheelchair, we say, “Fuckin’ Jethro. That fucker is mean!”


    September 8, 2009 at 2:09 pm

    • Jethro is the best of icons (as described) for two reasons: 1) the character on the TV show is for all appearences a slow witted, obstinant to the level of stubborn but with an aggressiveness that adds a cerain edge (an element of ‘un-ignorability if you will); B) it is a very short distance from (this) good-natured bumpkin to a three-day-growth-beard, child-molesting, sterno-drinking alcoholic, involuntary-manslaughtering good ol’boy.
      Here’s a suggestion: watch the Beverly Hillbillies with the sound off, (or better yet have Dueling Banjos playing.) since the references (in the script) are kind of oblique the lack of audio will not matter, but if Jethro gets into the ‘shine, Miss Hathaway (or Ellie Mae, or Mr. Drysdale) had better watch their “backs”.

      Now…endow this ‘Jethro’ with the power of a god. Assign Him the task of creating the world and watching over it.
      Doesn’t the world make more sense?


      September 8, 2009 at 3:16 pm

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