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You people ( reading this ) are the people from whom I feel I can get  thoughtful feedback on how we are doing on the main Wakefield Doctrine blog.  This is because you are already familiar with the Doctrine and are comfortable with the message that the blog is trying to get across to the internet audience. By the simple fact that you are here, reading these Posts without the added enticement of clever photos (with cute captions) and music videos with catchy tunes tells me that. So today we are asking you to help us.

Two issues.  Presentation and Ease of Comment.
(Second one first):
Ease of Comment: the current thinking among DownSprings and Progenitors is that somehow we are coming across (at the Wakefield Doctrine blog) in a way that makes Readers un-comfortable writing in a Comment. We actually have heard from some that it (the blog) is intimidating and daunting and they would rather not put something (a Comment) in writing lest they look foolish.
Since that is so not the attitude or intent of those of us at Doctrine central, it was easy in the early days to dismiss that as a crank call, one person wanting to cause trouble, hoping everyone working so hard would get discouraged and stop not paying attention, you know, a roger! (Just joking folks, I live the rogers, hell I am 1/3 (sort of) roger…my wife is a full roger!).
But seriously, while we have had a few notable exceptions, people like CY and Fabri and Ronin and Mel and Jason, for the most part it has been quiet in ‘Comment-ville’. And, if it is not obvious, a major element of the blog is the inter-play of ideas, discussions of the Doctrine as others see it in their own circumstance. This is, after all, the way that the Wakefield Doctrine went from being an idea to having a number of people understand that the world does consist of clarks, scotts and rogers.

Early on, we tried contests and give-aways, all hoping to cause Readers to write Comments. And there are Readers! You see them showing up in the widget to the right of the page on the Wakefield Doctrine blog. A small but steady stream of people. But no discussion or arguments or assertions or refutations. No one scolding us for being presumptions, not a single ‘how dare you assume you are an equal to god his-own-self”, not even a ‘keep up the good work’. (actually we have had Friends of the Doctrine like Mel and Ronin and Jason write in encouragement, especially in the early days).

So despite these efforts yielding not results,we are forced to face the fact that it must be true (somehow), that the Wakefield Doctrine blog must be coming across as not overly Reader-friendly, at least Comment-friendly. In point of fact, supporting this unpleasant truth, a conversation with a new Reader just the other evening, (they) offered that,  “I went to your blog, really interesting, I am a clark“. No explanation or cajoling on my part, she read it, she got it, she liked it! Damn!  When  asked  to write some Comments or give us some feedback so we can improve our efforts, the answer was, “I’ll be glad to do so in private, but I would rather not write something that will be published”.

…in the light of all of this, we were discussing this issue with DownSpring, Ms. AKH this morning and she made the statement, “when I first got introduced to the Doctrine, I really didn’t want to make a Comment, afraid I would get it wrong. But now, I’m glad I went ahead and did it anyway’. For a scottian take on all this, go on over to her blog, ‘the Three Personality Types of the Wakefield Doctrine‘.

(First issue second):
Presentation: so…how do you like the video Posts? Feedback has been very positive. This (‘live’) presentation of the Wakefield Doctrine holds great promises for conveying the real life applications and the genuine fun that the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers has in store for anyone who reads it, learns it and uses it, in day to day life. The first 2 video were fairly unpolished, but as we do more of them, we should find our rhythm. Stay tuned.

After all is said and done, we are here, so join us. Read and enjoy. We welcome any and all input and feedback. Send us a Comment or an email. Or not.

…all of the Progenitors and DownSprings are enjoying this Doctrine thing a lot, you might say we are starting to appreciate  how the first christians meeting in secret, down in dank  catacombs must have felt, the fear and the joy, the anxiety and jubilation knowing that they were part of something very special.


Written by clarkscottroger

May 22, 2011 at 8:47 pm

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  1. if you really want to get a better handle on the Wakefield Doctrine but are not into reading a lot of posts (on any blog for that matter) then you have to watch the videos. don’t worry, they’re not long. once you do, you’ll already start to relate to the Doctrine. what’s more, you’ll want to find out more. so head on over there and check out the videos. we’re up to 4, but i have to agree #2 is quite useful (and the funniest so far)


    June 12, 2011 at 9:32 pm

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