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Most of us agree that a reasonable goal in life is to try to live and do well by others while hoping to achieve some degree of self fulfillment and (the maximum) of self-actualization. If you are a scott or a roger , the goals of life will be different (than this) but essentially the same. To find out why, y’all oughta get on over to the Wakefield Doctrine where the reasons for this difference become crystal clear.

Before we begin the discussion about the normal level of  emotional/ stress/ anxiety as  experienced by most of us when we wake up in the morning, we should first try to describe the ‘information environment’ that we all live in today. By ‘information environment’, we mean to refer to all the sources of news and information that the average person comes into contact with, throughout the course of a day. Furthermore, since we are talking about exposure to information, we want to  be clear that this is not just (the information) we might seek out as individuals, but information that is thrust upon us. A typical morning in most Western cultures is not considered complete until a newspaper is read or the morning news show is watched. This is the information we seek. There is a significant amount of information that we are all exposed to that we do not seek out, advertisement in all media, billboards on the highways, even TV that is on in waiting rooms and gas stations and restaurants. All of these are sources of news and information that we are all exposed to in the course of an average day. (One of the most pernicious, and difficult to turn off sources of news and information is people. Our family and friends and co-workers are all eager to share the latest Hollywood gossip, Washington scandal, London weddings and home town tales. All news all the time, 24 hours a day we are bombarded with information.
Lets start with a basic premise:

  • Anyone disagree that today we have more sources of information, of the news and current events variety, than we have ever had before?
  • Anyone disagree that the ‘style of presentation’ of the news is decidedly headed towards the sensationalistic
  • Anyone disagree that we get bombarded everyday with ‘bad news’, correct?

I hear a roger out there saying, “yeah, that’s because there are a lot of bad things happening in the world. I can’t simply stick my head in the sand and hope it goes away”!
That is the ‘reasonable response’, rogers are always so reasonable. (Note: you rogerian Readers will have the most difficulty with the suggestion of this Post).
(Think about the word, ‘sensationalistic’…a variation on the root word ‘sensation’, to feel a sensation, get input from external sources, stimulation etc etc.
Why do you think the producers of the news shows think it is necessary to get you to experience a sensation while conveying information (news)? To…get…you caught up in the story.)

The Problem:  exposure to News and Current Events makes you feel stress, following stories of weather Disasters and political Disasters and celebrity Disasters raises your (internal) anxiety levels, whether you are consciously aware of it or not. It just does. Everything you see and hear and read is packaged in such a way to guarantee that you react,  mad/glad/sad/happy/outraged, does not matter what emotion you feel, just as long as you feel an emotion.

The Solution:  I simply no longer expose myself to the “news and current events” environment. I do not read the newspapers, do not read headlines on the google and most assuredly do not watch television news shows. And as a result of this, I find that I am more productive, calmer and less stressed during the course of an average day.
I believe that a rational, reasonable intelligent person, (say…you and me…) cannot watch the end-of-the-world/storm-of-the-Century/wait-until-you-hear-this type TV news shows without spending some part of the rest of the day, stopping and thinking, “no way, they did not say that“.
So, if you watch the Today show, or any of the other morning news shows, you will spend some part of your day recalling what they said, the stories they presented to the audience and (you will) waste some part of your day trying to make sense of what they seemed to be saying.

Yeah but  what about the roger’s statement earlier about how you can’t ignore the news/ you have to know some of the things going on

Real simple answer: they (the rogers) are totally wrong on this one.

I guarantee that the world will not collapse if you try this  thing. Opt-out of the emotionally manipulative media environment of news and current events in all forms.  It will be difficult at first, we all have habits and we have a certain curiosity about whats going on in the world. But once you have broken the cycle, you will find that you do not need to know which Middle Eastern country is the GReat Satan this week, you will discover that as sad as it might be, you do not need to follow a Reporter as they get the inside story on the latest natural disaster.

 Do it for your mental health, do it for the quality of your family life.


Written by clarkscottroger

May 8, 2011 at 7:04 pm

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