the Wakefield Doctrine

the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers

the Wakefield Doctrine (…”she said ‘Love’?, Lord above!”…)

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This is what we seem to have come to…interim Posts…(google wants new content!!!give google new content! NOW!!)

So wait ’til you see what we have in store for you all…the next Post (which is supposed to be this Post) will be the start of a series, a Case Study of the Wakefield Doctrine as it is applied to a work situation.
I suppose I could do the ‘set-up’ here now and then let DownSpring#1 have the whole Post for ‘exposition’. Nothing says that we can’t do two Posts back to back. Hey, this is the Wakefield Doctrine, we can do anything we want, goddamn it!

Oh, watch for a slight  change in the look of the Wakefield Doctrine by weeks end. Have gone the ‘self-hosting’ route (thanks a lot, Mel  lol) and while I am going to keep the changes to a minimum initially, you will see some look and feel differences. I have not even seen what it will look like. I did tell my consultant guy that I wanted the same: (the) Post center and the Map and other widgets in columns to the right and left.

Since we are just ‘vamping’, what the hell is going on with the time acceleration? Tell me I am the only one who  is seeing the rate of time passage/the degree of falling behind on day-to-day tasks increasing…noticeably. I really hope it is just me. I can deal with the problem of not keeping up, if this speeding up of time is a world-wide  phenomenon, then I might indulge in being worried.

Speaking of running out of time…March is Survey Questions Month! Sometime in the next week or so, look for a Post that is all about Survey Questions. The goal is to develop an online survey that will let Readers determine they type, yo.  It should consist of 10 or 20 questions, answer eac, hit Enter and find out the answer. Joanne is in charge and we are looking forward to ggreat things from her. (Joanne was recently elected Mistress of Testifying by a near unanimous vote of Progenitors and Downsprings) congratulations Joanne! (“…now you’re tryin to to trick me…” )

Okay…OKay stop this right here…! I may be a construct but OMFG at  least I am alive and young (of course  cute too) but that video!  no you stop…sure you are the ‘real’ people and yes you are writing this and I will even allow that it makes for a catchy subtitle…but the video!  omg I can’t believe you old people…look at the people in the video,  those are my grandparents!  NO, it does need to be pointed out…because not all your Readers are old, so very old…I can’t understand myself, but the fact is we have some Readers under the age of geriatric.  You must  control the nostalgia…facebook is full of people who are not trying to refer to cultures that are more than 1 generation dead…sorry, (not)… just my opinion…no, I realise the pressure of writing Posts…no really I am sure it is very difficult…as a matter of  fact I could!…no I am not joking..just say when…alright I will! but no ‘editorial review..’ no censorship (I heard what you did to poor Mr. Miller’s speech to the class a few weeks ago)…I think that all censorship is wrong…especially here…so what if what he said in his lecture was stupid, and only meant for shock value…don’t you think the Readers would know that he was a scott and is no more responsible for that kind of behaviour than the little puppy who poops on the rug because he has not yet been housebroken?..of course I am…so its a deal right?  full Post…any subject I want…and video and any friend i choose to invite…no I dont have any psychological twists to untangle in public…after all I am a Junior at Millard Fillmore High School  how wholesome is that?…why no,  I think the Janitor is simply a nice guy who made some bad choices…scottian women will do that to a guy…wouldn’t you like to know!  OK I better get to work…can’t wait to tell Britney…see ya.

Ok, Janie does have a point…about the old shit…so lets have some not so old shit to get us out…Don’t forget  Case Study  coming up. Will be fun and useful.

Hey Mel!  where do I stick the ad for the Rejuvo Pills that I can now sell cause I be sef-hosted?

Now for a little light  but enjoyable pop music to get out on…(13 seconds of commercial first but it should keep the MPAA at bay)


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