the Wakefield Doctrine

the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers

the Wakefield Doctrine ( CSR 101)

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     All right, you people, let’s settle down now…It’s been a long break, and we’ve got a ton of new material to cover. I had to notice that no one turned in their ” The Office” home work as requested. ( The Answer I was hoping for? They’re all Rogers!)

     Okay. Today is very special. Today is freaking huge. We have a guest speaker. Or should I say, Guest Speaker. So get out the No.2’s and notebooks, take good notes, and submit your questions and comments in the appropriate place.  Please remember that this is an open forum, and decorum is much appreciated. Our guest’s text will appear as the entire uninterrupted body of the next post. What I’m doing here is generally referred to as ” setting up”. Deemed necessary, because this is a bit of an unusual situation. You’ll see why momentarily.

     We all know him in one regard or another. Downsprings have known him for eons. Acolytes are just getting started, and might be just a bit intimidated. He’s either poking, cajoling, prodding, editing, or selling you a damn hat for your damn head. Putting fires out. Or starting them. Whatever  ” the Doctrine” seems to require.  That’s all quite normal in this day and age.

     There’s one thing, though, that would be way,way out of the box. Way out of the comfort zone. He’s the only person I know with the personal courage to go directly into an excruciatingly uncomfortable spot in spite of himself. Be assured, you would not see either a Roger or a Scott do this.

     The Clark…Unplugged.  Actually, take out the ” The “, too. 

     So… we have Clark. In the “first person”. That is to say, without the affectation of being a blog editor, fake school principal, street interviewer, SL avatar, hat salesman….none of that.  Just the guy who started this thing. ( And for the historical record, this ” thing” dates back to about March of 1975; park bench, Wakefield RI. I know; I was on the other end of that bench.) The damn bench remains; so does the damn doctrine. So get your damn hat on your damn head and check this out….


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  1. Hat is affixed….


    March 17, 2010 at 8:37 am

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