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So, what shall we talk about? This is (or will be) a Sunday Post, which is a nice alternative to the dreary Sunday newspapers.(1)

Being the Wakefield Doctrine (aka the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers) we will talk about the Doctrine but we try to put it into terms that are accessible and enjoyable(2) in the hopes of the benefits of this fine system being made useful to you, the Readers(3).

So…, don’t worry. Nothing too weird for this Post.  In fact, I suspect some you might be wondering to yourself (or perhaps to the children as you read them this Post, if as a bedtime story), “Well, Mr. (non)Specific Narrator, why is it that you try with each Post to come up with a different approach/theme/gimmick/hook?”  Well, that is a legitimate question, Mr. (pre)Supposed Reader. Why? You asking me (4)? There is a simple answer(actually 2 simple answers). One) because I want to engage the Reading in a ‘conversation’ about the Doctrine and it’s principles and applications and 2) I find that I enjoy the process of coming up with Posts*

So, I write.
So, you** read.

*(I really should qualify the use of the word ‘enjoy’. In my use of the terms I intend to denote a range of emotion extending from a feeling of quiet elation as the result of a well-received/perceived Post to abject despondency when confronted with an idea that while exciting when first occurring, plummets into a state that is best expressed as: where the fuck is the delete button on this thing, the hell with the whole blog/blogsphere/hell, the whole internet.)



…how about me?

Shit… ok I give up.  You are going to have to endure one of those ‘tortured writer’s’ Post.  Sorry, not meaning it the way it seems to look/sound.
Heres the thing.  Still working with the belief that ‘new content is king’ and that the ever hungry god google wants, demands, requires new content or this blog will be cast aside as casually as…as..(see? nothin is working).  I have a goal of a new content level set at a minimum of 3 Posts a week.  Three Posts that will say something about the Doctrine and will encourage our regular Readership to come back.   And hopefully, hook-in the occasional new Reader.  Fine goal.

But we are reaching the point (probably no different from every/any other blog in the world) where the low hanging fruit is gone and it is necessary to somehow step up to the next level.  I sense that threshold, I even have an inner confidence that I will find the way to get over the next hurdle because this thing of ours will not stop until I hear a totally un-related person (with no direct connection to this blog), (like on TV or other media) say something like: ‘how scottian is that’, or ‘he is such a roger’. Then and only then I can stop doing these Posts.  Unfortunately, that time is not here so there will be Posts like this, which require that most favorite thing of( any clark) and that is, ‘getting personal/writing stuff that might not be as clever as I would like’.

Well, that’s what we have today, so let’s get on with it, those of you regular Readers, feel free to go read some old Posts, (try the one with the pictures of the clarks, scotts and rogers (turtle, dog, cow  respectively).) You new Readers…well you’re kind of stuck.

(Despite how the above may sound), I am not un-happy with where the Doctrine is today.  We have a good core of Readers, who are beginning to get comfortable enough to write Comments.  We have a steady rate of readership and I am starting to look into getting some professional help with the layout of this blog, make it more user friendly.  Should know more this week….

See?  I can’t do it.  I just do not have the ego or the self-confidence or whatever you call it to sit here and just talk about things that are happening to me/to the Doctrine.  Damn.  I guess I will need to find it in myself to somehow come up with something anyway.  What are ya gonna do.  Blank paper + words = new Post.  Pretty simple, isn’t it?

(Yes, roger, you are correct, the fact is I am still writing…) So in a word, the Doctrine will continue.  I will continue to find something to write about and no matter how it makes me feel, I will make sure Posts are here that are new (new sounding anyway).  And while our scotts are stepping up and contributing more and more, the rogerian contingency is off by itself these days.  This is a horrible concept, but one I must in all sincerity warn the clarks about,  things do change.  As my boy Zeno says, ‘you can’t step in the same river twice, yo’.  So in that delightfully ‘horrifying- because-not-only-can-you-not-stop-the-process- but- most-of-you-does-not-want-to-stop’ the process, you do a thing and watch your world shift.  And it is not always a happy thing.  But you do it anyway.

Okay, okay…I was developed for a reason…attention Fillmore High Students…get under your desks..there is severe maudlin threat..yes..who else would this be?  jeez retain much backstory do we?..these people may have created me and the school and all, but sometimes…I just wonder…these are the Wakefield Doctrine people…no one said it was being written by SAG card carrying…lol  I know…I got here just barely in time to bail these guys out…so here is the lesson today:

the Wakefield Doctrine offers amusement and enlightenment…(no, Mr. M not a big word for a high school junior)…it’s a blog for goodness sake, it is not War and Peace…remember what the writer guys say: read, learn and buy a hat…don’t you love those hats?…lol yes I am pushing for tee shirts…ok, all clear,  I think, as your student monitor, that it is safe to come out from under the desks now…Mr. B  do something!

OK.  I think I have it out of my system.

Starting next Post, that is lol.  We will be doing Posts devoted to each of the three types.  The next Post will be about clarks, then scotts and finally rogers.

Thanks for sitting through this one,  oh and remind me to work on the content in the Pages.  Gots to get that more organised.

Always a chance to win a hat.  (Or maybe later in the season we will have the tee shirts ready…suggestions for designs are welcome.  Am thinking: Fillmore High Faculty (got to check and see how many real Fillmore High Schools there are first.)

OK some music then we are outa here.

…’the whole rythmn section was the Purple Gang’…damn!


Written by clarkscottroger

March 14, 2010 at 5:23 pm

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