the Wakefield Doctrine

the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers

the Wakefield Doctrine (…”Arlene took me by the hand, and said oooh eee daddy I understand”…)

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The thinking around the Doctrine of late,  has been, “hey do we help/let/inform the new Readers of the Wakefield Doctrine sufficiently so that this sometimes…eccentric?(nah)…eclectic?(warm but still not)…ecclesiastical? (no! god no)…blog  is clear to the first time Reader?
(or to put that in scottian terms, “Hey! you gettin this or what?”)
Today’s Post will be a review and outline, if you will, of the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers).  A definition of the Doctrine, it’s goals and an outline of the ways and means (as roger might say) that we employ to present this thing of ours to you the Reader.  So read, learn, enjoy (and buy a hat).

You regular Readers,  think of this as a surprise Teachers Conference Day (you remember those days off that were never the same time year to year, but were also not regular holidays so you could be home and your parents and the rest of the world went on about it’s business, and you got to see the world like a bunk day without the threat of getting caught?)  You people can skip to the bottom (no, not literally clark) and see what Mr. B has ‘provided’.  We will catch up with you at the end, have some news and current events so don’t just leave after the videos. 

OK  back to our Presentation…

The Wakefield Doctrine is a fun and useful way to view and understand the behavior of those around us, at home and at work and at play.  Some might call it a system of personality types, and while we do have three ‘types’ (clarks, scotts and rogers), we are not setting out to assign certain behaviors to the types.  Instead we say, here is how this person perceives the world.  (Their) behavior always follows from that.  Not the other way around.  This blog has pages for each, clark, scott and roger, click on the link and you can get more detailed information about each.
So that is what the Wakefield Doctrine is, what we are trying to do is bring it to as many people as possible.  We have found that once a person gets the basic concept and identifies the types of people around them, there is no turning back.  And this is a good thing.  If you understand how a scottian person perceives the world, you will know how they will act in any situation.  The same for clarks and rogers.  Then combine this knowing how others will act with your knowledge of your own type, and you got it made in the shade.  If you know you are a clark and you are dealing with a roger, then (as the song says) ‘you won’t get fooled again’.  (Not that it is only about getting fooled, but it is totally about understanding how others see you and how your own view of the world is only one of three possible ways to perceive it.)

So that is the what is the DoctrineWho is the Doctrine is also pretty straightforward.  You will see reference to Progenitors and Downsprings. Progenitors are the three handsome/striking/slightly odd gentleman in the photo in the upper left of this page.  The Downsprings are the people who help write this thing of ours, people who learned of the Doctrine and are basically self-taught but show a gift for expressing the Doctrine.  You will see them in Posts and Comments and other places around here, be sure to say hi.  And finally there are Friends of the Doctrine.  These are people who we have met since the blog started and have been of help and support, Mel at the Spatula, Jason at Project: Enlightenment, Ronin at the Renaissance, Pixieblonde at Secondlifewith… as well as others like Kino and Jen and others.

How we do this thing, present the Doctrine is where it gets interesting.  We try to present some facts (about the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers) with each Post, but often we create a format just to present the information in an entertaing or amusing way.  You will find Posts that have Interviews with Downsprings and Progenitors, you will find an ‘Advice Column’ in one Post (written by the very capable Ms. AKH) and finally you will find Posts that (appear to) take place in a High School.  Specifically a certain Millard Fillmore High, and even more specifically in the 11th grade AP class: CSR 101.  Not only that but you will find characters that return again and…

Characters?  You better smile when you say that, even if you are a Progenitor!  Never mind him…what he is trying to say  (can you say pedantic? lol) there is a storyline here that seems to be developing sort of in it’s own.  Starring!  yours truely…Janie….Janie Sullivan…like you haven’t gone and looked me up!…as if…anyway these ‘people’ seem to bore easily and then resort to making up situations that involve me and my bff  Britney and even our childhood friend Jimmy.  Well…being easily distracted  once we showed up, (the rogers first CSR 101 class) there was no keeping us quiet, but they’re ok  just a little stuffy sometimes…except that Glenn..‘would you like a tegretol in your coffee, Mr M?  Anyway we are the entertaining aspect to this Doctrine thingie…but I have to say  it is all true…just ask Teacher…he is such a roger…lol  see ya


So there you have it.  The Wakefield Doctrine.  What.  Who.  How. Why, when, where or some damn thing…

What?  Oh sorry and there is the estimable Mr. B who has come to us to help us stay amused and entertained.

(For our scottian Readers)

Now for the rogers

clarks, (yeah that was one of the single greatest guitar licks at the end of the song)


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