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Got a minute?

No, nothing bad.  Just thought we could kinda step back, try to see what progress we are making out with this little blog thing of ours.

And we are making progress on the development of other ‘sources of content’; both (the) Progenitors and Downsprings are starting to become confident and good content is the result.  Good content is defined as Posts that are entertaining and present the Doctrine in ways that help the Reader understand and apply the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers to their everyday lives.  The Progenitor roger,  is really starting to come into his own with his (Post) series CSR 101,  which is not only good content but is now a ‘premise/storyline’  that others can use to launch their own Posts.  The CSR 101 (storyline)  is where Glenn and AKH have begun in earnest to bring value to the blog,  both of them writing Posts that are ‘classroom presentations’ to (everyone’s favorite AP class at Millard Fillmore High) on the subject of the Wakefield Doctrine
AKH had already done a nice little piece on relationships and Glenn was pfg on his Interview Post, as was Denise (Downspring#1) who did a snappy little Post the other day.  In terms of presenting the Wakefield Doctrine and being entertaining, these guys are really starting to produce.  They deserve a big round of applause or a click on the link to their Posts and leave a Comment.
While still not sure what is going on, the Doctrine now (seems) to have Janie Sullivan and her friends. (Simply a name mentioned in one of the first CSR 101 Posts, Janie has somehow become a ‘voice’ in these pages.  She is the one in ‘block quotes’ and blue font).
There also seems to be a ‘Mr. B’ who apparently is the one who picks the music videos.

Anyway.  We are getting there, here at the Wakefield Doctrine blog, both in presentation and in content.  With the content now coming from other sources, we are now beginning  to have the time to look at the blog from the view of, ‘If I were a Reader here for the first time, how likely is it that I am going to ‘get’ the Wakefield Doctrine on the first visit?’

As to visitors and Readers, we are not doing badly.  We have Readers (about 20 or 25) who come here on a regular basis and we have a decent ‘visit rate’ every day. (Nothing like or  blogs, but we do alright).

Blah, blah, blah.  (Man, you should see me here at  the computer looking for a hook.  It’s been interesting (well maybe only to me) the kind of stuff I have been going to in the desperate hope of finding some music to inspire me, or failing that to hang this Post on.  I mean everything from ZZ Top to Leslie West to Joe Cocker…a line of youtube video search came to a total screeching halt when I read one of those Comments (under the video) that simply said: “my grandfather went to see these guys”  dit…dit…dit.. as Roger would say.  Oh kay, lets quietly turn off the museum videos.

Damn, but I do like the videos and since I still got nothing, let me put this totally fun clip of our favorite gospel guys.

So anyway, last night we were driving around Wakefield (yes, the Wakefield) and talking about how it is sometimes difficult to distinguish rogers from scotts, especially ‘strong’ rogers and (regular) scotts.  Glenn, he say “what is Howard Stern?” and my immediate (and correct, of course) answer was: roger.  Now Glenn, he gets like, forgets he is supposed to be the scott in the car and says, “really”?  I mean a ‘genuinely-interested-in-the-answer’ question from a scott!  (You tell me this Doctrine thing is not a productive way to change the way you live life.)  Anyway, I said, “yes Glenn, listen to Howard on the radio, he seems all aggressive and pushy and what not but it’s personal with him”.  That is the quality you hear, no matter how ‘all in your face’ Mr. Stern may seem, its personal.  With a scott it is never personal, they do what they do, sincerely and genuinely, but it ain’t personal.  Even in a conflict situation, a fight, scotts will be all action, nothing held back but then when it is over,  everything is back to normal, no grudges, no major resentment, just a re-establishment of pack ranking. Nothing personal.
Not with rogers.  So Howard Stern is a roger.  While we are on the subject, Lennie Bruce?  roger…George Carlin? scott.

Damn this shit makes sense.

And there it is.  The point I was looking for.  We are getting to where we can present content on reliable basis (nothing like Mel at the Spatula, that guy is a machine! the rate he comes up with good content, damn!), but regularly enough that we need to set the bar higher.

This Wakefield Doctrine is a ‘fun, unique and effective way to understand the behavior of those around us, at home at work at school and at play’ (as it says on the short discription on the blog directories) and this will always be true.
But we need to begin to understand that  the Wakefield Doctrine aka the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers is very much a tool that we can use on ourselves…

…so stay tuned.


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  1. […] the Wakefield Doctrine ('and now a word from…') […]

    • Froh genossen Sie es.

      Wir begrüßen unsere Freiheitsluftatmung, die vom Euro-ville brethern ist

      Ya’ ll kommen Bank jetzt, heah?


      February 20, 2010 at 12:24 pm

  2. To quote you Mr. clarkscottroger from this post: “damn this shit makes sense”. It does. Granted I am a clark however if one keeps an open mind and looks around day to day one can spot them – the clarks, the scotts and the rogers.
    Personally, I am mostly surrounded by rogers. Have not had any interaction with a scott since interviewing realtors this past December. Interestingly enough there were 3 of them and each one represented the 3 forms respectively. (Man, I seem to be rambling tonight)
    Anyway, I am sure you can guess the realtor I picked. That’s correct. The scott ticked me off immediately because she was late(and unapologetic), the roger was all flash and no follow up. That and employing the – I can identify with you tactic – of “Hey, Rudy Rodriguez, please to meet you”(Rudy from Used Cars) So that leaves the clark….proper shoes AND her hair was pretty wild for an old woman.
    The point of my ramble is to try and voice this idea about energy and how it is directed. Scotts always have it. They are like firecrackers that have a heat source beneath them and they can go off at any time. Rogers. Those darned rogers. Intense but so centered around self. Well meaning, self centered “sons of bitches”(George/Seinfeld episode). Clarks. The clarks. What the hell are you waiting for/afraid of? clarks.
    Energy/emotional content. That is at the heart of the matter. How does a clark channel a scott? (sorry rogers, but scotts are more useful to wear)


    February 22, 2010 at 8:55 pm

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