the Wakefield Doctrine

the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers

the Wakefield Doctrine (..then a video is worth 10 million words…”)

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You know this is not just about music videos and clever Posts and cultural references…you do know this, don’t you?

This is about the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers) which lest we forget is described in all the blog lists I can sign us up for as:

‘the Wakefield Doctrine is a unique, effective and fun way to understand those around us, at home and at work and at play. Finally you will understand why people behave the way they do…’

Sometimes the effort to make these Posts clever and amusing takes us away from this ‘mission’.  But we are back on track now, aren’t we…

WTF Miss Bonnie and the magic mirror!! (To younger readers…early days of TV lots of programing directed at the 3 to 7 year old demographic, scheduled either early morning (Romper Room School came right after Captain Kangeroo) and late afternoons with cartoon based programs like Popeye the Sailor (if that is not a future Post,  lol).  Anyway, all very primitive programming, as opposed to say American Idol or the Biggest Loser.)

So what can we learn about the Doctrine by watching this clip? (You know, by now I really should not have to tell anyone what the lessons are.) 
Alright…how does the clarklike child react? how about the scottian 5 year old or the rogerian pre-schooler?  The answer provides a way to understand the Doctrine….

Not all at once….

OK.   You people can just sit there and stare at the screen…and when you have the answer  write it in the Reply section…you know the place where it says “Leave a Reply’?

Or is that too vague for you scott? yeah, yeah roger I know how too terribly busy you are right now…clark? no! god forbid you should write something and have people think that you don’t know what you are writing about….

well…fine  I can sit here all damn day….

(To any new Readers, not to worry there is plenty of content in the previous Posts and of course in the Pages of the blog itself).  Please, make yourself at home, browse through the content, lots of videos…love the Lady Gaga one…)

(Oh! hey Pixieblonde!  Glad to see you could make it…remember you promised to leave a Comment)

(…no Janie, nothing you can do, these people need to step up and make an effort to contribute to this thing of ours.)

Whats that Mr. B.?  You are too good hearted, I don’t think they deserve more free entertainment…but if you are willing to…go ahead


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