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the Wakefield Doctrine (…”let’s join our class, already in progress…”)

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(Hi.  A little ‘set-up’ for today’s Post.  The Progenitor roger has established an on-going series of Posts subtitled1 ‘CSR 101’, which has somehow ‘given existence’ to:  a high school by the name of Millard Fillmore High; b) an AP (advanced placement) class on the Wakefield Doctrine; c) and students, Janie Sullivan, Britney (Janie’s bff) and Jimmy (a scottian underachiever).
I know, I know!  This was not in the plan.  That being said any and all means and manner of presentation of  the Wakefield Doctrine to the Readers will be utilized.  Lighten up, this is kind of fun! 
Anyway….what follows is a ‘Lecture’ on ‘Leadership and the Wakefield Doctrine’ written by an actual scottDownspring Glenn).

[So, let’s stand here in the back of the class…I see Principle Clark, (hey, did you really think I was going to sit this one out? with a scott center stage? nfw…lol), he is about to address the class].. 

Principle Clark:  Class?  Today we have a special treat, we have Glenn Miller, a leading Trainer in the field of employee benefits and management who will give us a talk on the Wakefield Doctrine and Leadership! (No, Jimmy he is not replacing your regular Teacher.  Britney? no I don’t believe he will be giving a test at the end of the class.  Would someone get Miss Sullivan’s attention?  Janie!  Please turn off the laptop, iphone and all the rest of your technology.  Thank you.)

Principle Clark:  Mr.. Miller?  They’re all yours.

Glenn Miller:…Hi everyone.  My name is Glenn Miller and I’m here to talk about leadership and the Wakefield DoctrinePrinciple Clark, if I may ask… 

Principle Clark: (Excuse me, Glenn) “Yes?  Miss Sullivan? Yes, there will be time for questions at the end…  Mr.. Miller says that you are free to interrupt with questions at any point…no, Jimmy that does not mean you are free to walk around…” (Sorry for the interruption.)

Glenn:  Anyway…Leadership.  Let’s talk about how what you are learning in this class on the Wakefield Doctrine will help you become effective leaders.

Management is not leadership—and leadership is not management.  Not all good managers are good leaders.  Not all good leaders are good managers.

Management is for the rogers.  It involves “hitting all the marks”—crossing the tees, posting the schedule, taking attendance, quantifying performance measures—you know boring rogerian shit like that.

(Pardon me Principal Clark..Oh the language?  My bad.  Of course!)

GlennRogers are great at paying attention to details and knowing and following policies and procedures, in other words being managers.  Leadership, however is scottian. Management makes people accountable.  Leadership inspires people—energizes them.  With effective leadership, the people under you won’t just do what they are supposed to do—they will WANT to do it—and more.  A group with strong leadership is more productive and unified.  It is more comfortable.  Good leaders actually have an easier time than managers.

(Yes?  Janie?  Which one are you?  I’d say you’re a scott.  See? That’s leadership.  You’ve got my attention.   Principle Clark?…I’m sorry, of course it’s just that it’s so distracting…of course. You’re right.  Highly inappropriate.) 

Glenn:  So class:  How do leaders effectively communicate with subordinates?
              yes?…Jimmy isn’t it?  No, Jimmy it does not depend on how hot they are…
             Britney?…no, it does not depend on how hot you are…  
              Miss Sullivan…care to take a stab at the question?…what? of course I will call you Janie…
Of the class, Miss…er Janie here was the closest to knowing the correct answer….anyone know why?


  • provide frequent and meaningful performance feedback.
  • MBWA—Management By Walking around—They gotta see you if you want them to follow you.
  • Ask them for their opinions—doesn’t mean you gotta implement their suggestions, but ask them.  Makes the little creatures feel so valued.
  • Emphasize the positive—all the time.  Give them a “reputation”.  Make them believe that you believe in them and that they are an elite team. 

A good leader will always:
                                    Praise in public.  Do not worry about patronizing or embarrassing them.  If the employee is a clark, he will need the praise because clarks often doubt themselves. If the employee is a roger, he will feel that “Finally! Someone sees the sacrifices and suffering I endure to get this work done..”  If it is a scott, he will resent the praise as in “who the hell are you to tell me how I’m doing?  I’ll praise YOU”.   But if you persist and keep praising, the  dominance messages will be sent—and the scott will grow comfortable and even eager to follow you. 
                                     Negative feedback in private.  Leaders do not bully or humiliate people.  (Unless it’s just for fun).  But if you want people to follow you, they must see you as someone who will protect their dignity.

Finally  –(This one is hard)—Find something to like and admire about every one of your subordinates—Hard for a scott.  But totally necessary. 
(Janie?  Already know what I like and admire about you.  Yes.  I will be available after class for..questions.)
Let’s wrap this up and do a couple of other points for you before we end today’s class.

Leadership can be lonely.  Scotts are lone hunters, but also pack animals.  So, when you assume a leadership position in an organization you will LOSE your former relationships with your colleagues.  For a roger, this can be devastating.  Membership in the herd is everything to a roger.  But if you hold a position in which YOU decide who gets promoted, who gets a raise,  Etc…you can no longer be a friend.  It just doesn’t work.  You may find yourself left out of conversations.  The room goes silent when you walk in.
For a roger, this is the most difficult adjustment following a promotion.
For a clark—the room already goes silent when you walk in. No adjustment needed.
For a scott—the silence means they respect (and maybe just a little fear) me.  That’s a good thing. 

Principle Clark:  OK class.  Mr. Miller has a busy schedule time for only a couple of questions… 

Glenn:  oh..alright Jimmy? …  how to deal with your coach…why you are not on the starters bench?  You are not a starter because …you suck, frankly.  Sports is a very scottian world.  If you could help the team win, you would start.  If you are a scott, you would accept this and enjoy knowing your place in the pack.  If you are a roger, you will feel hurt and victimized.  If you are a clark—you only play sports that are played by one person.  (Teams do not interest clarks.)   

Yes, Britney?   How kind of you to say, Britney… You’re right, BritneyPrincipal Clark is a dedicated protector of decency and good taste…He’s not much fun, but he does “police” this environment and stamp out indecency every chance he gets—the prick.  Did I say that out loud or just think it?  No, age is not really a significant factor in the application in the Wakefield Doctrine? oh sure, ask him the question directly…

What’s that Britney?  Yes, I have noticed Janie back there.  Yes.. Uh –uh.  Well I’ll tell you this…The second thing that comes to mind is that she probably ought not to wear such a short skirt in school.  The first thing?  I don’t think Principal Clark would like me to answer that question.

Principle Clark:  Okay!  Class, let’s all thank Mr. Miller for his time and expert opinions. 

So there we have it.  Another attempt to communicate the Wakefield Doctrine
Let’s have a show of hands now…who wants to see this ‘device’ used again? (We have AKH in the wings ready to present the Doctrine to our favorite little class, in the guise of a Student Teacher no less!)

At the bottom of this page is a place for Reply/Comment.   If you write: “Stop it!  For the love of all that is decent and good in the world, please stop this class room thing”, we will take it under advisement.

PS:  I was speaking to a Reader (of the Doctrine) whose opinion I value and I asked about making a Comment, she said that she would, but had a little concern about appearing un-informed about the Wakefield Doctrine.  To which I replied, ‘Pshaw, you are most qualified and should not have this concern’.  That she is most likely a clark may be a factor which is not to say that you rogers out there shouldn’t take a chance on totally humiliating yourselves before the population of the world (or at least the 25 regular Readers of the Doctrine.)

So, come on down!  Write stuff.  Otherwise you risk making Janie unhappy and none of us want that.

Do we?

Mr. B?  This has been a challenging Post to produce, can you give us some simple, fun music to go out on?

1. All Posts follow the same naming convention: ‘the Wakefield Doctrine’ followed by a subtitle in parenthesis; the fun is in the subtitle.


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  1. Gene Gene. Loved that show. Chuck Barris–Scott, Clark, or Roger? I say Clark. Man had a strange and interesting mind. George Clooney directed a movie about him. Barris claimed he was a CIA hitman. He was not kidding. Game show host and CIA hitman–only a clark can have that kind of….range.


    February 8, 2010 at 11:29 am

  2. …who did not totally love Jaye P Morgan? Definate warp in the space-time continuum there (at the Gong Show).

    (on a personal note…even clarks could do the dance that Gene Gene brought to the world…da,dih, da dih da da)


    February 8, 2010 at 11:56 am

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