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the Wakefield Doctrine (…read it and sleep…)

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Hey! OUT there can you hear me! Still stuck in ‘development’.  Is there a Writer in the house!  A grammatician? Honors English student? more than 650 on the Verbal part of SATs
JEEZ…I know! let me call…

We were talking Saturday about the Doctrine, Glenn is always coming up with ideas for Posts, most crazy, some not crazy, a handful occasionally interesting. (Hey Spike! I got a idea for a Post!!  I got one you’ll like to write!!!)  Anyway, the idea was suppose a clark tried to impersonate a scott (actually his words were ‘hey what would it sound like if a scott tried to do a roger? or a clark?).  You get the idea. 
Not a bad one at that.

So let’s do that…

Attention…Company!  Order…Steering Wheel!  Turn Signals …On!  Turn Left…Park!

I was driving to work last night and I thought about this blog and how far everyone has come in the last half-mester that we have all been together. The clark, to his credit has kept a steady stream of content appearing on these Posts, but it is good to see more from the Readers.  My feeling reading the first few Posts tends towards the sleep…sleepier…sleepiest  WHAT! no! everyone is awake and alert here, SIR!  Even in retrospectation, the early work of this band of brothers and (little packlet of sisters) is bit a on the dense side…earth to brainiacs…please check the reflectivity levels of the eyes of your Readers!  I can comb my hair in the reflection.

Anyway this is a short Post, family matters are coming to a concentration point and will require my full attention for the next few days or weeks.  It is all a natural part of this life thing that you read about and see on TV and sometimes the TV gets more and more real and the volume goes to ‘11’ and you can’t spend time in places like this.  I would like to hand out assignments for the class, to tide us over the next few Posts)

(A Guest Lecturer? in my class CSR 101?  I did not see that memo, and just who authorized or gave us the courtesy of some advanced notice?  No, I don’t think the class is ready, they have mid-Terms coming up in a few weeks, there are case studies to be examined.  No.
Already been scheduled?  Principle Clark said what?  See what happens when you try to bring a little order and consistency to this Doctrine thing?  This, this…chaos  …Glenn?! lecturing my class?  Not without  closed circuit TV.  I know I thought he wrote a good Comment…yes a whole Post on it.  But that was because he was reinforcing my earlier point.  And was not left alone in a room with children.  Yeah I know they are high school honor students.  But he is a scott, and you do not need to be an Honors student to know what that means.

The Principle will stay in the classroom?  Alright, I suppose.  Say what you will about clarks being low key and passive, they have a sense of loyalty that would shame Lassie…
What Jimmy?  Oh, it was a show about a dog from before your parents were born…yes that long ago…speaking of Lassie, has anyone seen Miss Sullivan?

Here! You idiots I’s stuck here in between Posts. If I ever get out of here and get an established premise, you little scamps are going to pay, lol.  Really, just get on with the ‘Lecture Post’, get out of this lame placeholder.  Do I have to do everything? Hey Mr. B  find us a video.  Authority?  Janie Sullivan says so that’s who…that’s better




Written by clarkscottroger

February 5, 2010 at 9:52 am

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