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the Wakefield Doctrine (‘reading is FUN- damental’)

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(bad Post writing ahead*)

(*I mean bad writing of a Post not necessarily a Post that is without merit**)

(**thought I should clarifiy that***)

(***…about the writing I mean)




This is the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers) blog.

The Wakefield Doctrine is a unique, fun and effective way for you to understand  those around you, at home, at work, at school and at play. This Doctrine contains principles that sound like any one of a hundred quirky little personality ‘thumb nail sketches’ that turn up in the back of TV magazines and at the bottom of the last page of a tabloid, right below the astrology column and the diet to the Stars features. And at first glance  the Wakefield Doctrine seems as catchy and vacuous as any thing you will find in your local free newspaper. You know what I am going to say next.  So, there is no need to.

If you have decided to read a little bit more, this Post will cover two points: why you should read the rest of the content of this blog and what are the upcoming Posts going to be in the next week. (Coming attractions, if you will.)

Lets do this thing.

Doctrine  (dok trin) n.  A principle or body of principles presented for acceptance or belief, as by a religious, political, scientific, or philosophic group; dogma.
Wakefield(wayk feeled) n. A name for the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers picked simply because it sounded more credible than:  the theory of

The Wakefield Doctrine maintains we all experience the world/reality differently and that our personalities arise from the particular way we experience the world. Further, the Wakefield Doctrine proposes that there three characteristic  perception of reality we all have can be grouped into three distinct types, called for reasons stated elsewhere, clarks, scotts and rogers. By understanding the reality, the world that an individual is reacting to, we can understand the choices they make (their behavior). What follows on these pages are various efforts to convey the application of the Doct

Hello? Helloo! Is this thing on? Hey you! This is Janie Sullivan, and I need your help. I am in the process of being written/created/developed/fleshed-out or whatever the hell they call it in Creative Writing 101 when a new character is created and added to the narrative. Yes, that Jane in Rogers CSR 101 class. Why thank you! Being referenced all of 3 times and being used as a totally lame narrative device does mean I must be totally special.
You think?  Nah, they’re both pretty harmless, but that clark guy is edging towards ‘spooky-ville’ what with his totally constant fixation on ‘need to write more, need to write different, need to get more Readers’! 
“Clozaril spill on Aisle 4!” Jeez, reality is a bitch, huh?  The other one seems much nicer, the Teacher. Seems so friendly, no harm there. Except that Civil War thing…”21st Century paging Mr Roger, your hobby is being recalled by the gov’t, Department of Over-specialized Interests, due to the fact that the other guy wants to play with it.”
Anyway, as a newly created character, I am getting a lot of interest from both writers and them both being such WMOGs (well meaning old guys) I am worried about what the plan is for a back story for me… so real quick here is the basic:
Janie Sullivan, AP student at Millard Fillmore High am very popular :p, my gpa puts me in the top 1 percentile. My BFF is Britney and I have not yet decided whether to go straight (to college ;}) or to spend time travelling. You know me from my ‘function’ as a character in the CSR 101 series of Post created by roger as a device to explain the Wakefield Doctrine. Thats it.  A little 2 dimensional? ….Ya think?
(So here is what I am asking, sure this is all about the Wakefield Doctrine and how it will change how you see the world. But if you are reading this and want to indulge these people then give me a better back story. You know…total athletic talent, parents with interesting jobs and/divorce, something anything.)  Gotta go….AFK

(Wellll. Lets just quietly and quickly close this Post before we get reported to Amateur Writers Guild for crimes against creative constructs.)

Oh! oh! the second thing!

In the next week we should have a couple of Posts using Roger’s  CSR 101 storyline as the backdrop for both Glenn and AKH writing a Post!  Separately, that is, (Two scotts writing one Post? That’d be metaphysically absurd, (to steal a phrase from Firesign Theater).) It’s not that 2 scotts could not write one Post, its not even that they would fight. It is about the collateral damage…the effect on those around them as the requirement of dominance ranking exerted itself.
You know how when you are with one friend who is a scott? You have fun, the scott is always doing things, moving talking never, sitting still. Action for action sake. And you either go along for the (thrill) ride or you try to focus all that energy into some sort of deliberate effort that you can enjoy. (If you are a roger or a clark, respectively).  Well, ever notice that when a second scott enters the scene, everything changes? At first there is conflict between the two scotts (establishing dominance/submission rank), but after they have that worked out, all of a sudden there is this very aggressive scott running around getting into everyone’s face. That is the submissive scott. (Remember the Warner Brothers cartoon that had two dogs as characters? One was a large Bull dog (Spike), the other a small terrier-looking thing(never quite got the name). The plot always had the dominant scott (Spike) slapping the small dog for his efforts to impress Spike.  “Hey Spike!  I know what to do!!.  (sort of an aggressive, barely more intellectually-capable, but way more aggressive Lennie from ‘Of Mice and Men’).
Thats the change to the local social environment when you have 2 scotts working one area at the same time.  Not that much fun for the non-scottian people.

Anyway, look for a couple of Posts from these two. The ‘set-up’ will be essentially the same, guest lecturers/teachers in rogers class in the Wakefield Doctrine (CSR 101). Should be fun. 

(Remembered good idea Glenn had*)

(*I agree, most ideas from a scott would not go in the comforting bin first off**)

(**I will tell you, let me get out of this ‘are-there-any-gimmacks-that-you-won’t-try?’ gimmack)


We were talking Saturday about the Doctrine, Glenn is always coming up with ideas for Posts, most crazy, some not crazy, a handful occasionally interesting. (Hey Spike! I got a idea for a Post!! I got one you’ll like to write!!!)  Anyway, the idea was suppose a clark tried to impersonate a scott (actually his words were ‘hey what would it sound like if a scott tried to do a roger? or a clark?). You get the idea. 
Not a bad one at that.
Yes, clark, we know that we are already all three, predominance of one…yeah I read front page real good. But the value in the suggestion is the level of development in the person doing the ‘imitations’. As with so many things around the Doctrine, you will tell more about the person doing the experiment than the supposed point of the experiment.

Anyway I bring that up not to pat Glenn on the head (Good scott! Take a penny, please!). But to tie it to the coming Pos

HEY!  HEEY!  You are stuck with this corney ‘character-talking-to-imaginary-Readers-interupting-equally-imaginary-Narrators’ so listen up! ?People? (Janie here again), I think I  told you about the future for me, but as far as your precious little Wakefield Doctrine, no one has determined my ‘type’. Normally that would have been one the first things the writer would have set up. OH! Did I just use the word normal? Pardon me while I lmfao. Normal! Sheeit Look at your goddamn crooked feet. You got no ears on your cheeks at all. Just a hole like.
Well, if I am stuck acting out for the benefit of that bunch of wackos, then I reserve the right to decide which one of your precious 3 types…
…Nah,  maybe later.


 This might be a good time for some music….Mr. B if you please….



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