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the Wakefield Doctrine (…I know…I know…don’t overthink it…)

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This actually is one of those Posts.

I suspect most blog writers/Post authors have the topic in mind when they sit down at the keyboard, or at very least have the ‘overarching theme’ of the blog itself in mind when producing content.  And, for the most part, that is the case for my efforts here at the Wakefield Doctrine.  (Will not speak for roger, but as the other writer of Posts he seems to have a clear idea in his mind when he starts to tickling those plastic teeth.  (For young Readers…that is an oblique/archaic reference to playing the piano)

But as I said, this Post is not one of those.  This Post started with a song fragment in my head this morning.  (Very strange phenom, not even a  word of a lyric…just  “ahh UUmmm…think I…” and of course about 5 seconds of melody).  But I knew the name of the group doing the song,,,  all I needed. Internet.  Google.  I suspect that few of us (including myself) fully appreciate the effect/impact/ramifications of this existence of this much information made this accessible.  But that is for another Post.  A Post that is coherent and planned.  Not this Post

So.  There it is.  Youtube.  And not just the song, but a damn video.
(BTW noticing there are commercials showing on these things.  Yes, a little annoying, just click the little ‘x’ knucklehead.)

So I am confronted with the quintessential 80s semi pop group.  And the funny thing was my initial reaction was, ‘damn, this is kind of gay’, afterall ‘this is the Wakefield Doctrine which not only is very cool (to the 27 regular Readers) but it is a serious and not totally unsuccessful effort at explaining human behavior and reality.’  You know, …the secret of the universe.

Huey Lewis and the News.  But there he was on my computer.  Being cute and clever and doing his own “if we were genuinely cool this would be a ZZ Top video”.  But like most of  my experience with this Wakefield Doctrine thing, what I write in these Posts are not always a matter of conscious choice.  The cat says do something with Huey Lewis, then I do something with Huey Lewis (Ask roger).

I was hoping that by now I would have something to hang this Post, an idea or a theme to make it more than a music video.  But nooo.  Nothing.  I suppose I could use up some white space making self-referential statements about (my) life in the 80’s.  But I got nothing.

…So there you have it.  Todays contribution to the effort at the promulgation of the Wakefield Doctrine (love that word)(promulgation). If you like Huey then I suspect this will be a good Post, if not  then it will be one of those that gets scrolled by, real quick.  (‘Oh yeah, that’s the one where he tried to convince us that there was something Post-worthy about having a song fragment as the basis of an individual Post’) (‘eww’)

Well, you try writing three or four of these fuckers every week.  My respect for Mel and Jason and others who do write good, readable Posts on a steady basis increases every time I do one of these.  And to Roger who is beginning to get on a reg schedule of maybe two Posts every week, keep it up.

(Roger’s Posts are the ones in colored font.  Am grateful for his efforts, as a roger he has that ‘readability’ that seems to be a characteristic ability of his people.  The elements of his style may be a bit idiosyncratic for my tastes, but as he and I have discussed, it is about getting people to read these things.  Whatever writing style ‘gets them in the door’.)

So that’s all I gots (an expression of the Progenitor scott).  Read the Doctrine.  Understand that everyone around you today is a clark or a scott or a roger.  And that because they are, explains why they do what they do.  It is nothing personal.  (Hey! there’s my ‘big close’!)  (Damn, I knew if I sat typing shit long enough I would stumble on something that I would enjoying sticking in the monitors of computers all over the werld today!).

This clarks, scotts and rogers stuff?, you know “if you understand what type your loved one is you will understand why they do what they do…Blah, Blah blah?” well I still mean it, but behind all of it is the inescapable fact that you are one of the three (yes, I know you know that), but it actually means that everything that is happening to you in your relationships with people  is coming from your clarklike, scottian or rogerian nature.  Not theirs.

Thought I should mention that.

“UO ah uu  happy to be stuck with…”


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