the Wakefield Doctrine

the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers

the Wakefield Doctrine (…with apologies to Bob Newhart…)

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(…yeah, one of those Posts)


Oh…hi!  No, not at the moment, just trying to come up with a new Post…

Post, for the Wakefield Doctrine…I thought you knew!  Yeah, we actually went ahead with the idea,  yeah online and everything!

No, not nearly…  not yet, (hehe)  but we do get about 25 readers every day… no I don’t know that many people…these are actual strangers who show up on our location indicator.

Yep, most every day…. not really sure why specifically…  just the most current Post for the regulars maybe the whole Doctrine idea for anyone stumbling across this thing.

…about the end of July.  Yeah, what we used to talk about….the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers…well I agree,  the new name does make it sound more credible.

What? No, no I don’t think ‘the secret of the universe…now give me money’ would look quite as legitmate as the Wakefield Doctrine…I suppose we will eventually but the blog site is free….

No.  I really think you would enjoy reading it….yeah roger is in this…in fact he is starting to write some Posts himself… no!  I think he just likes using the colored font….yes, he is that secure…

As a matter of fact you’re right….roger does have a way with telling a story…no, he has learned that ‘less is more’  ha ha.

Scott?  Actually been kind of busy… no, thats Glenn…yes he is a scott…it is a favorite word.

No no more than that.  We have a group of maybe 5, call them Downsprings….no Downsprings… they contribute on occaision…a couple of each…

So how is Hazel?  Oh, sorry to hear that…oh well what can you do?  Long time ago, a lifetime ago….

The picture?  Yeah that was taken in ’05 or was it ’06  somethings do not ever change…

Hey, if you ever have anything to add to the Doctrine write a Reply…. copyright?  We don’t need no steenkin copyright… Yeah, we would be shut down in a New York minute.

Denise? ..down in Florida… seems to like it very active in the blog….brought on board  that AKH  some major scottian potential there…yeah!  I do think in Doctrine…ha ha  at least it is something some else can keep track of…very funny.

Hey Barry, good talking to you…was totally stuck for a topic for the Post  and as cute as this premise is…the equine is clearly “morally, ethic’ly/  spirtually, physically/ positively, absolutely/Undeniably and reliably, Dead “….
                                                                                    “As Coroner, I must aver
                                                                                      I thoroughly examined her.
                                                                                      And she’s not only merely dead,
                                                                                      She’s really, most sincerely dead”

The direct quote from movie scripts?  …all the time buddy, all the fuckin time….thats right language too.

You should call more often will catch you up on this strange and brave and totally weird world…

oh…oh…oh before you hang up….tell the gang back in that truncated timeline that you’re  calling from…(that) we have met the Slovinians…and …they are a fairly cool bunch….


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