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” Manifest” Destiny    

     Attention…Company! Order…Arms! Dress…Left! In Place…Rest!

    Just my quirky little way of bringing the class to order. And seeing as how Janie is coherent once more, we’ll move on.

     First off; sorry about the scrunched-up chart in the last post. It is indicative of my sadly semi-autistic capabilities with the WordPress Dashboard. ( Actually, being autistic might  serve as an asset in this forum… hmmm….)  And that, even sadder ( sadlier?) is the best I can manage for a lead-in to today’s topic; Self- improvement.

     Over the last few days, Your Eminent Instructor found himself  listening in on a radio program from the legendary Dr. Laura. She is a fully licensed counselor? chiropractor? criminologist? crustacean?   I swear on your mother’s eyes that she claims all that and more, so if that were a test question, the correct answer would be E), all of the above.

     In my typical semi-autistic habit of not really paying attention, I just sort of listen for the buzz words that seem to jump out, and if something interesting goes by, then I’ll swing around and try to actually focus on the damned thing. And on this program, I noticed the word ” manifest ” being bandied about quite freely.

    ” Manifest” seems to have become the ” word du jour” in the wonderful world of self-improvement. Apparently, you don’t just endeavor to improve yourself any more. We must now ” manifest” ourselves. Or was that “manifest ” other people? Not sure. Might be a critical detail, though. I would hate to just go ahead and blindly manifest something that did not really require manifestation.

      Anyway…all that manifesting led to Dr Laura’s plug for ( I would provide a link here for your convenience, but being semi-autistic and all, I had better not try it ). And it turns out that is a veritable fountain of  the touchiest/feeliest stuff you ever did see. If you read down the entire list of links, you’ll realize that the human psyche can be endlessly compartmentalized, and you’ll discover whole vistas of problems that you, binyon, never even knew you had. So you had best get to manifesting some of the big ones right away, and save the little ones for later. ( Note to Acolytes- the Progenitors will clue you in to all the cryptic ” Lady” references as soon as we can find a way to do it without scaring you all to death). ( Note to Clark- can we link the Lady to Dr. Laura? Woo-#%^*#-Hoo!!)

   And so; after you’ve all had a bit of fun with ” manifesting” stuff,  I would like to pique your interest with a predominantly philosophical and yet pointedly perplexing puzzler; ( this might be used as an essay question on the mid-term; and please try to visualize Rod Serling reading  this )

     If  you,  as a textbook Clark, Scott, or Roger, were to engage freely and wholeheartedly in the vast self- improvement arena, would the experience simply re-inforce your primary characteristics as outlined in the Doctrine; or might it cause you to venture forth into the pristine wilderness of …those Other Two? ( there’s a signpost up ahead… you’ve just crossed into… The Doctrine Zone…)

     All right, that did it…Janie’s eyes have rolled back in her head, indicating lights out. Responses in comment form are quite acceptable, but a full-blown Post on the subject garnishes an automatic ” A” for the course ,in my book. And, maybe even a hat.

Attention…Company! Prepare to Break Ranks… Break Ranks! ( Hardee,1862)


2 Responses

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  1. (rapping on table top as manner of Applause)…Alright! At the risk of sounding (Lennon-to-McCartney/Gilbert-to-Sullivan or Irving-to-Berlin), good ‘focus of message’.
    For anyone reading the Replys before the Post (which is to say all rogers), please pay attention to your Progenitor. This is not just “Adventures of Artistically Aggressive Crazy People”, there is very much a practical value to the Wakefield Doctrine. And your Instructor has made a point and given you all an assignment that requires 2 actions on your parts:
    (A) Consider his question in light of what you know about the Doctrine and then, before you move on to the next blog that you are reading in order to avoid work (“trembling teen girl angst” or ” my car and life is a wreck”);
    (2) Come down here to Reply and given your benefactor the common courtsey of a Reply. You do not need to write ‘War and Peace’, you do need to show a willingness to give back (to the Doctrine which, afterall contains your only hope to salvage something from the rotting ediface of your inter-personal life) with some input showing that you are getting the message and therefore allowing roger to provide even more of this thing.
    Or are you in that much of hurry to get to the next part of your ‘lets-avoid-real-life-and-maybe-it-will-be-better-when-I-am-forced-back-into-it-by circumstances-beyond-my-control’ routine that you just do not have the time?

    Note to the roger: Took the liberty of adding additional tags to the Post (see the bottom). I know, I know, sort of like getting the hooker to wear a sequin micro-skirt instead of the purple lame mini-skirt. But what the hell, if we can find what the search engines really want then maybe we can trade in this bunch of ‘all read and no contribute’ losers’ for some Readers who are genuinely interested in improving their lives. Maybe thats just me, maybe they actually enjoy the illusion that they are doing something more than ignoring a chance to be able to manifest something more that reading blog Posts and pretending that making their lives worthwhile is as simple as reading the most current Post.

    (Not talking to you, Slovinians…I know you are keeping the faith).


    January 22, 2010 at 8:12 am

  2. The question is a good one Progenitor of All Things Roger. My answer—No scott WOULD engage in “self-improvement” as to do so would be to subscribe to some roger’s ideas of how we should live. Self-improvement, it seems to me, is a quintessentially rogerian goal. Scotts usually do not feel a need to improve. I’m pretty fucking good the way I am. ( I might swear too fucking much, but I LIKE that.)If a clark engaged in self-improvement, he would call it something else–and make up his own way to do it. That leaves rogers as the sole consumers of “self-improvement” programs. They feel everyone SHOULD engage in self-improvement. (SHOULD–a favorite rogerian word). But they are the only ones who would get involved in it in any serious way. Ever see those self-improvement gurus on PBS? Talking shit to a bunch of doe-eyed, overly needy rogers. Whole auditorium full of herds of rogers hanging on the guy’s every word. Fucking hilarious. Rogers can be such well-intentioned saps. And to further answer your question, rogers would become more rogerian from engaging in self-improvement. They would do it in herds. They would reinforce each others’ rogerness–and sanction anything that was not rogerian. A scott enrolled in self-improvement is incongruous–like a Jewish rodeo cowboy. Something you never see. I don’t mean this in a bad way.


    January 24, 2010 at 1:15 am

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