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(Semi-Topical) Post

So I am talking to my SR* and the question of the future somehow arises. This is note-worthy as most rogers maintain this ‘ Hey, I’m not a morning person, I need my coffee first, don’t bother me in the morning’ affectation.  Fine.  One learns to adjust and/or to accommodate doesn’t one? (If that one is a clark, accommodation is as knee-jerk reflexive as is the ‘pressed-lip, half-smile thing’ that all clarks  do).  So the conversation veered off the main track, swerved to avoid the large trees labeled “get pissed off” and safely rolled to a stop in the middle of a flat field.

But the original question of  ‘the future of…(fill in the blank: healthcare/the economy/war and peace/Will Clint Eastwood still cast girls 1/3 of his age as co-stars, even when wardrobe has to figure how to hide the colostomy bag?)’.  You know, your normal questions about the future that arise when you make the mistake/look forward to/otherwise expose yourself to Morning Television News.   And so this particular morning, the truncated conversation was about, “don’t they all know they are being tricked?”

Now what the heck would make that a topic for a Post in the Wakefield Doctrine? (and where are the cleverly related videos?).  Well, the reason it is a topic is that I was half of the ‘half-conversation’, and it occurred to me to ask the question: “What do clarks, scotts and rogers do with a situation like this”?
(…yes, you are correct…I never stop thinking about the Wakefield Doctrine…)

Anyway, to the question at hand.

Television on in the morning… (…’the newsman sang his same song1…) who is really watching the TV and what are they ‘getting’ from the experience?

clarks are watching if they are not enlightened, and even then they are watching in the same manner they will watch the couple getting into some heavy PDAs in the public park on a warm summer evening…Surreptitiously. Watching (TV or the couple or the goddamn world) out of the corner of the eye.  Not because the clark does not have the time or the interest to pay full attention, nooo! nothing as reasonable as that.  The clark (the unenlightened one anyway) is watching from the sidelines because he/she is not certain if they are entitled to get involved.  The news is something that is happening out ‘in the world’.  The problem (for the clark) is that he/she may spend the rest of the day trying to figure out:  a)why don’t those voters see they are being tricked and lied to;  b)why doesn’t the government simply send aid and stop posturing; and/or:  c) who wants to watch the father of the tragically dead young person emote for the cameras.
(The enlightened clarks avoid Morning News Television like it was a clown in a car at a drive-through).

scotts are watching the Morning Television News only if they are awake and not yet on the hunt.  For them, (the scotts), the news would be sort of what the lion sitting in the tree in the savannah might see; a representation of the place where the hunt will take place.  It will be an item of interest for the scott only in the most marginal of ways…(if the lioness could think it might be…’antelopes by the watering hole…sick wildebeasts by the gully…’ not a literal plan but a reminder of why the hunt will be fruitful).

rogersMorning  Television Newsrogers…what more needs to be said.  At a certain point in the lifespan of a culture all media is directed at the rogerian population.  The herd.  Currently we are seeing the point where the popular culture is meant for the rogerian mindset.
Much more can be said about what rogers are hearing on the Morning Television News…but let’s tie this thing back to the original starting point…

…so I am talking (ever so briefly) to my SR and I made the simple statement: “I don’t expose myself to the Morning Television News because I would spend the rest of the day trying to figure out how people can be so fuckin stupid/gullible/easily fooled.”
And the rogerian answer was simple” “I will think about it for 5 minutes and then get back to the important things.”


(Lets wrap this up on a positive note.  You younger Slovinianss might not know about the Captain.  But then again you are probably not watching Morning Television News having spent the night in the park making the clarks uncomfortable with your sexual hi jinks)

*SR: significant roger

1) free hat for the person to identify the song this line is from


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  1. The lyrics are from the song “Radar Love” by Golden Earring.


    January 20, 2010 at 8:52 am

  2. We have our first ‘Winner of a Hat’;
    AKH is the first (I will withhold her winning Comment until the contest is over), but I suspect not the last. Too easy for the aging rockers?

    Anyone else?

    BTW contest ends EOD GMT LMAO, binyons.
    (will follow up with prize winners to get hat size)


    January 20, 2010 at 9:14 am

  3. Congratulations to AKH…she has become the (future) owner/wearer of some fine ‘the-Wakefield-Doctrine-its-a-way-for-people-to-understand-the behavior-of-others-why-don’t-you-just-visit-the-site-for-yourself’? apparel.
    (But don’t take my word for it, go here and see for yourself.)

    Hey, am I under-estimating the interest of Readers by making it too easy? (meaning putting that link there. I mean it is marked as a Page at the top of the goddamn blog. sez right there : Fashion Center so what else could it be and besides that what is the point of reading these fuckin Comments and Posts if you do not have the curiosity and intellectual initiative to go and get the information that is the only thing that makes this Doctrine worthwhile?)

    I mean really…maybe I am feeling silly for doing a contest where the answer is a google search away, not to diminish AKH’s effort, at least she has the intellectual vigor to actually participate in something that is meant simply as a fun way to pass some time.
    But that, no doubt, is what the real problem is…I am being a clark and making things too easy, giving it away, saying to the Readers “Here, here is an interesting thing, no don’t get up out of your chair, I will bring it to you, no you don’t have to stop watching TV I will just stand here and wait’

    Well, this Doctrine is nothing if it does not allow it’s participants to alter themselves.
    Is it?


    January 21, 2010 at 8:09 am

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