the Wakefield Doctrine

the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers

the Wakefield Doctrine (“…Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?” g.marx…)

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‘The Eyes have it’; ‘beware the Eyes of March’; …’when the moon hit your eye like a big pizza pie, thats amore’; ‘you, my brown-eyed girl’; and of course our intro quote: ‘the eyes are the mirror to the soul…’

Mr Ricardo? if you please… (reference: eye,yi,yi…)

Eyes.  Our Launching Point today will be Eyes…the eyes of the clark, the scott and the roger.  If you study very hard and apply yourself, you will be able to determine the type (of person) you are dealing with entirely on the basis of seeing their eyes.  (Gotta love the zen-ish feel to that little phrase, ‘seeing their eyes’).
Anyway, I found a bunch of (famous) quotes about eyes at various websites, (if I haven’t said it yet today…don’t you love the internet?).  Some quotes I thought about using, ranging from the fairly familiar:…”(something)drink to me with only thine eyes(something)”; (to) the nearly familiar…”love is blind, friendship closes its eyes”… and (finally) the downright scary “And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.”(ewww!)

O…’kay!  Who is ready for today’s lesson in the Wakefield Doctrine?
(Yes? Janie? “No, not right now, roger is preparing his lesson plan, I am the substitute teacher for right now…”)
(“No, it will not take long and yes I am certified to teach this class.”)

The eyes.  clark…scott…roger…

Since scotts are very easy to spot and we will be using a vid clip of a scott and a roger interacting, lets start with the eyes of the clark.

As much as a scott is said to be always focused on their immediate surroundings, a clark will always be (at least partially) focused on a place that just is not available to rogers or scotts.  There is a ‘depth’ to the look in the eyes (of the clarks); something that at first glance (ha ha) appears to be non-attention, but is, the primary characteristic of clarks. (What?!)

Lets get right to our example…

So, what do you think you saw?
(Now look at this clip with the sound off…) The eyes are very prominent, to the point of being the focal point (ha ha again) of the face.  And there seems, at first glance (alright, enough with the puns), to be a peculiar focus in Flo’s eyes.  Not the steely gaze of a scott,  but there is an element of  ‘calculation’ lurking in the back of that friendly face.  A sense of ‘I am doing this right now but I have other matters that I must attend to…’.

(Or I am just being too clarklike, and maybe she is just a daffy broad.)

Lets move on to the eyes of the scotts and the rogers

The easiest (eyes) to ‘detect’ are those of  the scotts.
Very simple, very distinctive.  The eyes of the scott are clearly focused on their environment, which means the people in the immediate area.  They will always be focused on something, on the lookout for threats, searching for prey.

In the following scene from the movie Wolf, we see a scott and a roger (Nicholson and Spader, respectively).  The more interesting (of the two characters) to watch is the roger.  You know who the scott is, so that leaves the other character as the roger.  Look at the scott first.  In the scene he stands in one spot, barely moving yet totally concentrating on his prey.
Can you see the look in James (Spader’s characters) eyes change as the scene develops?  There is an initial confidence, self-assurance to the eyes of the roger, but watch his expression change when the threat (from the scott) becomes undeniable.

Well I hope you all got something from today’s lesson.  Please do not get upset, but my closing music clip is the totally ‘ear worm’ infected White Stripes. (Warning: Unless you are prepared to be humming the bass line from this song all day today, you had best turn the sound off.)

For our international friends:

Slovinanns!!: zavoj zvok ne sveže , nagel!
(Our increasing fan base in France):  arrêtez le bruit, vite !

The rest of you?, you are on your own binyons…


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  1. Flo is kind of hot. I’d do her. Love that white, clinical-looking outfit she wears. Adds to the erotic appeal. I think she might be kind of easy, too. She’s so eager to please. Come here, Flo. Let me tell you what pleases me. That’s a good Flo. Just like that. My! You ARE progressive, aren’t you? I’ll let you know when I need you again, baby. Oooh! Go with the Flo.


    January 19, 2010 at 10:51 am

  2. Whos my little scott?! Come on…lets see some effort. Hey AKH set your compatriot straight on this thing.
    The topic is/am/are the eyes! Who among the Readers cannot recognise a clark by the eyes? But there is more here than meets…
    We all know that the eyes of the scotts are the first feature to be noticed (sorry AKH), but with clarklike females it is also the eyes (followed by the feet, then the clothing). Who out there, looking to avoid work, can tell me something about the eyes of the clarklike female that I don’t already know?
    (I’m looking at you UK Readers…those of you from ‘East Wikersham-on-Piltdown-by-Cambridge’, lets hear your regarded opinion. We won’t bite. At least the clarks won’t.)


    January 19, 2010 at 11:17 am

  3. The eyes of the female clark. There is an intensity present, always present. Not the same cold(but not necessarily unfeeling) gaze of a scott. For example, when a scott smiles there is often a disconnect with the eyes. The facial muscles have conformed to a pleasantry but the eyes are still calculating. With a female clark it is a package deal – a smile as wide as the grand canyon and eyes just as deep. Sure, behind the eyes she may be thinking “why the hell do I have to waste my time talking to this idiot” but the gift is the “idiot” would never guess that is what is being thought. Female clark eyes can be hypnotic. They are sensual yet innocent. Seductive in way that even a scott would succumb.
    There is a “totality” present in the eyes of the female clark.


    January 20, 2010 at 9:05 am

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