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The Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers) is predicated in the notion of three ‘personality types’, or to get pseudo-technical, three sets of perceptual biases.  The distinction between personality type and perceptual bias is critical.  If one considers action/behavior and attempts to deduce the motivation, the other assumes to understand the ‘world that the individual is experiencing’ and therefore resultant behavior is easily predictable.  Let’s put it another way.
A written description of a behavior:  man walks into a room full of party goers and shouts to a person across the room’.  So, what is his inner motivation?  Damn hard question to answer, a thousand possible answers; (maybe) he is hard of hearing, the person he is calling to is hard of hearing, it is noisy…and on and on.
Now try this:  a scott walks into a room full of party goers, a roger walks into a room full of party goers, a clark walks into…(well, you get the idea)

The point of the Doctrine is this:  know how the individual is experiencing the world and you will know how she/he will act.  In any situation.  No deep background analysis necessary.


We have met the minimum educational requirement that all Posts must adhere to, on with the Interview (with the roger).

(A little set-up first.  The Progenitor roger agreed to be ‘interviewed’ by your narrator and Downspring Denise and AKH (talented newcomer).  We simply repeated the format and questions that were employed in the Interview with Downspring Glenn)

There will be music at the end (you advanced Readers can go there now, start the music to listen to as you read the following):

Intro: Today we have the pleasure to ‘interview’ none other than the Progenitor Roger, (as in ‘roger’ of the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

(clark) “I’ll be the one conducting this interview for the purposes of illustrating certain aspects of the Wakefield Doctrine.  And with me are Denise and AKHDenise you know, cause she is one of the group of Downsprings, AKH  be writing Comments  and is way ‘up on the Doctrine.”

(clark)   So, Roger, How are you ‘today’?
(Roger)  Oh just &$%# peachy.
 *******(AKH) Hey man, What’s up your ass?
  ***********(Denise)  Really?  What do you think got his panties in a bunch?

(clark) If I can start with a question on one of the features of the Doctrine that bears your name, meaning  ‘rogerian expression’.  The full definition for any New Readers will be found here on the rogers Page.  We all know them when we hear them, there is always the ‘stunned laughter’ reaction of the listener. (My personal favorite:  ‘those salesmen, when they write blogs, they are too self-absorbent’.) So, Roger,  Do you have a favorite (rogerian expression)?
(Roger)  I always think of ” I’ll surpass on that.”  It was the first officially recognized one, and brings back pleasant memories of days of yore.  Nowadays I consider them as the fun part of forcing language to evolve as need be.

(clark) How do you explain why they are so unmistakable?
(Roger)  It’s based on seeing language as a flexible thing that sometimes needs to be tweaked a bit.  It is also a shortcut; it’s easier to twist out a new word than to go through the thought process of finding the “correct” one.
*******(Denise) The hell it is.  I think half the time it’s just how it comes out of your mouth.  But it does make me laugh.  Just admit it – you love that people get a kick out of it. 
 (Roger)  Of course I do, but it happens whether there are witnesses or not.  Inside my head, it just feels slightly …dysfunctional?

(clark)   Ok, let’s get to the same questions we asked Glenn, the other day.  What do you think about music? Take it/Leave it?  Why…
(Roger) Absolutely essential.  Every creature knows to communicate through making meaningful noise.
*******(AKH) I don’t know about it always being meaningful. Sometimes it just sucks.  But it can put me in a certain mood depending on what I’m listening to.

( Roger)  So even if you hear something you don’t like, it still represents something.  Subjectively, whenever people consider ” music”, it’s always referring first to the stuff they like.  So I consider rap and hip-hop to be ” meaningful noise” , but certainly not music. ( just my opinion)

(clark)  They say we can pick our friends but we can’t pick our family. (You have heard that saying right?)  Trade 2 family members for 2 friends. Tell us why (both getting rid of and picking up option on…like baseball).
(Roger)  I’ll trade (for) my brother-in-law Tom ( he’s actually sane anyway) and my niece Olivia, who should have been my daughter anyway.  For two draft picks to be named later.
*******(Denise) ohh… you mean you would take Tom and Olivia, who do you trade away?

 ( Roger)  Oh yeah….Olivia’s parents.  To a galaxy far, far away.

(clark) Let’s shift gears here (ha ha).  You are on the road, car behind you starts the tailgate thing, when you don’t get out of their way they do the high beam thing, what do you do?  (Same questions but this time you have your children and kids in the car.)
(Roger) See to the children’s safety at all times, period.  Much more important than your wounded sense of whatever.
*******(AKH) Yeah, those kind of drivers aren’t worth it. Besides, ignoring them probably pisses ’em off even more. ha ha

(clark)The Wakefield Doctrine…what do you think about it? strengths? weaknesses?
(Roger). Strengths… a nifty little package of psycho-tidbits that will allow you to see things that you would never consider normally.  Weaknesses…a nifty little package of psycho-tidbits that will allow you to see things that you would never consider normally.

(clark) Last question:  You can do anything you want tomorrow.  A day without consequences.  Still all of the same people and places, but you can do anything you want with that day.  What do you do and why don’t you do it today?
(Roger) I’ll take Olivia up to Lasallette to ” see the angels.”  She was there last at age two.  Couldn’t do it today because her mother is a %&^*# ing %#!#&.

(clark) Thanks for your time.  You are fairly direct and much more precise  than I thought a roger would be…
(Roger) God, you are such a Clark….
Denise) …you wish you were one, dont ’cha…..

(Roger)    No, I’m good, thanks…

(clark)…yeah speaking of that, if you had to be one of the other 2 (clark or scott) which would you be for a day and why?
(Roger) I’ll go with Scott for a day, so I could kick a few pertinent asses and not fret over the consequences.  Also get a rack of ribs and maybe even cook them this time.
*******(AKH) Scott ?! Really?! I’d love to see you try to pull that off…

(Roger)   What, kicking the asses, or cooking the ribs? LOL

(clark) Well, speaking for the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers) and my two very able associates, thanks a lot for a look into ‘the soft and comforting grassy plain, where you can see your herd spreading in all directions as far as the eye can see’ environment that you people call home.

(Not to get too Columbo on you…but if you been watching the stats (the little red dots on the globe thing), then you know that we are getting all international at the Doctrine. (And remember that I added to the Tips to First Time Readers that: the Doctrine ‘is both gender and culture neutral’) You being a Progenitor  anything you want to say to our international Readers that might help them ‘get the Doctrine’ quicker?
(Roger) No, that statement covers it quite well… just too bad that some cultures will be offended because we are gender and culture neutral.  What can you do?  Onward and upward….



(huh!  how let that one in?)

Anyway, music time!

A bonus for the rogers clearly well-intentioned effort to make this Interview thing being as useful to others (herd and non-herd) Readers and new Visitors alike.  Enjoy:


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