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the Wakefield Doctrine (“…I never give you my pillow, I only send you my invitations…”)

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Just to start the week on a more reasoned basis, this will be a short Post. With the simple goal of stating the Premise and the Principles, the Goal(s) and the Guidelines (of) the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers).

Originally conceived from the  observations of three friends and their distinctive yet complementary worldviews, the Doctrine has evolved into a coherent and cohesive description of the worldview of all people everywhere, as divided into three groups: clarks, scotts and rogers. The key premise to this, thing of ours, is that the way we perceive the world around us is the predicate to all behavior. Further, that while all people, male and female, foreign and domestic are born with the potential, the capacities represented by the three groups (clarks, scotts and rogers) it is only by the end of early childhood (ages 3 to 5) do we ‘become’ predominately one of the three of these personality types. Throughout our lives we repeat and practice and make ourselves completely a clark or a scott or a roger.

There are a certain percentage of clarks and scotts and rogers, who not completely and totally conditioned, are capable of seeing and accepting the possibility of differing worldviews (or more tellingly, imaging differing realities) that will be able to read this Wakefield Doctrine and get something from it. (Amusement, break from boredom, maybe even a baby-satori leading to a samadhi-ette like state). Suffice it to say, this blog has as it’s purpose, the presentation of the theory of clark, scotts and rogers to as wide an audience as possible.

So, whether you are new to this site or have been here before, Welcome to the Doctrine. Read, Learn, Enjoy (and buy a hat).

There will be longer Posts (mostly) and shorter Posts (like this one). Funnier ones and more serious ones. These Posts change, the contents of the Pages is more lasting. You will see tabs at the top of the page labeled clarks, scotts, rogers, so, which am I, about. Here is the more stable content, very helpful to ‘flesh out’ what we talk about in these Posts.

These Posts are intended to be ‘an overheard conversation’, a conversation between people familiar with the Wakefield Doctrine. Sometimes you will see Interviews, sometimes you will see pieces of opera (can’t explain that). But what is written in these Posts is more of a down-to-earth, easier to apply to ‘real life’ parts of the Doctrine. In fact, it is our belief that if we write a Post that is a faithful representation of the conversations we (here at the Wakefield Doctrine) actually have, it will be much easier to assimilate the whole damn mess. You should know very quickly what is meant by an expression like, ‘he is such a roger‘ or ‘she is so scottian’.

So thats all for this Post.

(Also we often refer to ‘Sloviiiaaannnsss’ that is an affectionate reference to the fact that we are seeing increasing numbers of foreign Visitors/Readers, among them folks logging in from Slovenia).

Any Questions, leave as a Comment. All will be responded to…

(The Doctrine is also beginning to makes it’s prescence felt in SL. So we like to say hello to Friends of the Doctrine there as well. Congrats to Jen on her good tidings, to Delilhah the very sucessful (and supportive) Creator and Landlady of Old NYC and Kino, a friend who has been selfless in listening to my endless questions and ‘thought’. Hey y’all!)

…And if nothing else is true about the Doctrine, this is: ‘we likes our music’ so here is a little from ‘the youtube’


2 Responses

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  1. I just wanted to wish the three of you a happy holiday season (not enough courage of my convictions to say “Merry Christmas”). I’m enjoying dropping in and out of the conversation and becoming immersed in the increasing Slovininaness of the Wakefield Doctrine. Thanks for all the support this year getting my own blog started. Best wishes for the coming year!


    December 23, 2009 at 10:23 am

    • Mel-
      I have the courage of at least that one conviction; so I’ll say Merry Christmas, and thank you for your terrific writing. I was actually stopping people at work today to make them read the truth about casserole dishes.
      Roger (the Wakefield Doctrine)

      Roger Coyne

      December 23, 2009 at 6:35 pm

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