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the Wakefield Doctrine (…”Be sure to read, understand, and follow all the safety rules that come with your power tools. Knowing how to use your power tools properly will greatly reduce the risk of personal injury…” N. Abrams NYW)

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Just a quick Post….we are all hard at work on both the Interview Post (it’s looking like we have a frequent contributor (AKH) helping us and doing and interview with Downspring Glenn.) and  ‘the Test’,  something that will hopefully make it easier to decide if you are a clark or scott or roger. The process is taking longer than originally thought, but given that the group is comprised of 2 scotts,3 rogers and 3 clarks, we all  should be grateful if it comes together before the end of the year!

Anyway, always watching the ‘red dots’ on the Visitor Location widget on the front page (the little globe in the left hand column); happy to say we are seeing an  increase in the numbers of new Visitors/Readers from around Planet E!  Angola, United Arab Emirates, Brazil and the Philippines to name a few. Oh yeah, and Canada eh? (Sorry Del, couldn’t resist…)  
Given how this blog is designed, with most recent Posts at the top of the page, we want to say hello to all our new Readers and remind everyone to be sure to read the section in the right-hand column (Tips for the First Time Visitor). With an increasingly international demographic, it will be helpful to say a word or two about the cultural neutrality (of the Wakefield Doctrine). 

We make much, here at the Wakefield Doctrine, about being gender neutral. That it is not about being a female scott (or roger or clark) but it is about being a female who is a scott. Or to put it in Doctrine terms: a female with a scottian perceptual bias. In other words, the Doctrine says that we, as humans perceive the world in three basic/fundamental ways and the ways are labeled a clark or a scott or a roger. How we behave  is a result of how we perceive the world…so a (female) who has a scottian perception of the world will see it (the world) as much as a predator would, as does her scottian (male) counter part.

So, real quick. The Wakefield Doctrine is culture neutral. A clark is a clark in Angola or in Akron, a scott will be just as scottian in France as she would be in ‘philly and a roger is always rogerian. (Damn you can spot those guys right away/anywhere. They are ‘the people’, they are the townsfolk and village elders, they are actors and the accountants, no matter where you are, if there are more than 5 people, chances are 3 are rogers.)

So, tp paraphrase  today’s subtitle, ‘read and understand what you find in the Pages of this here blog here’. Leave questions and leave comments.

Read, learn have fun. They are out there!
Today, when you go to work or school, if you go shopping or stay at home with the kids, look at the people around you. Listen to how they talk, are they going on and on and on? or do they speak in short, ‘do this/do that’  phrases?, are they whining and complaining? You will begin to see distinctions in how the people around you act. The distinctions are telling you how (that other person) is viewing the world. Listen.

(If you have stayed with this Post this far, or better if you have read some of the Pages, then you will start to see the clarks, the scotts and the rogers around you. Guaranteed. At first it may be difficult to distinguish a roger from a scott, but just noticing the difference is the important step. The rest will follow.)

In fact, here a quick start guide to clarks, scotts and rogers.

Well, just wanted to get in a short Post (sure, short). Watch for the Interviews coming later this week.

(Hello to our SL friends!  Jen, Kino, Delilah you know who you are (I just mentioned your damn names, of course you know who you are!)

Almost forgot, (friend of the Doctrine) Mel has a rather excellent Post, at ‘the Spatula’  running today, about Family Christmas letters. Don’t know if he wants a huge number of Comments suggesting ‘opening lines of a family Christmas letter’ (but it do look tempting).


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  1. Love “The Spatula” post. It’s hysterical!!! Especially the part about the Xanax and the dog. Had me laughing out loud (by myself).

    AlmostKatherine Hepburn

    December 15, 2009 at 9:14 pm

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