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(Sunday Post…Take 5!!!)  

I have said, in a previous Post, that the key to happy and successful Post writing (for me) is a good subtitle. Well I have to say at this point, you know you are in trouble when, in search of an uplifting and inspiring subtitle, the best you can do is an obscure Shakespeare quote. Oh, well once more unto the breach.(?) (Sorry). 
Really, I would like you to feel bad for me! Since way early this morning I have tried: Bob Dylan (‘Times they are a’changin’), Charles Dickens ( a line from Christmas Carol about undigested food) and the Beatles (the Beatles! for crying out loud, they never let you down in the catchy song lyric department). But no, nothin, nada, zilch. Like the man says, ‘you gots ta have a subtitle, how can you write a Post if you don’t have a subtitle? If you don’t have a subtitle how can you write a Post?’  

So, I was forced to accept that it was time the bring out the big gun, nothing less than the  ‘how-f*ckin-erudite-can-you-get’ subtitle source…
‘Ladies and Gentlemen, the one, the only, you laughed at Puck, you cried with Juliet, you shouted ‘Look out” to Shylock, lets have a warm and heart-felt Doctrine-style round of applause for Willlliamm SSHaakespearrreee!!!!’  

(To any First Time Visitors: you have picked a hell of a day to start reading the Wakefield Doctrine (Lloyd Bridges, Airplane! 1980)  

Alright to the Post at hand. We might have a little trouble getting started but I think there is a solution: Flashback Post!  

( Most of what comprises my background, both social and cultural was beamed directly into my febrile young mind from since before I can remember and the lesson that I am benefitting from today is that I must look to the source of all that I have learned at the knee of my cultural nanny, (the kindly, always there for me, near constant companion growing up…my television). From whose loving blue gaze I have learned all about being: a Man and a Woman,  a good Friend and a wily Foe,  a Good Citizen and a Smart Shopper, A Concerned Parent and one of Jerry’s Kids. 
…..  When there is nothing fresh to write….do a Flashback!!)  

By the way, if you are new to the Doctrine, I am the one who (uses) all the parentheses I can when I write. And since you are new, here is your first Test!
Which of the three (clarks, scotts or rogers) must I be, given my proclivity for this grammatical device? 
Come on! You know this, go with the first thing that pops into your head!
Very good! Now to answer (this Question) leave a Comment (at the bottom of the Post) and you will be entered in our new “Identify the Writer Contest“!1

(On with the “Flash Back” Post).  

 (…Hello.) Welcome. (again…)  

 (You are somewhere in this blog.)  

 In the pages of this blog is the Wakefield Doctrine.  

 The Wakefield Doctrine is nothing less than the categorization of all people into 3 groups: clarks, scotts and rogers. As you read this blog you will see that while we all possess the qualities of all three groups, you are most predominantly one or the other or the other.  

 The special value of the Wakefield Doctrine is (that it is)based on characteristic way(s) of perceiving the world. Most other personality systems attempt to catalog behavior; we do not. Our system describes how a person perceives the world and therefore all subsequent behavior is extrapolated from this.  

 And it seems to work.  

 So read, contribute, whatever.  

The above is from our very first Post, in fact it is our very first Post. Writing is a funny and slippery activity, sometimes it is there, sometimes not so much. Not surprisingly, the fundamental idea on which the Doctrine is built is there (and not so much else): ‘based on…characteristic ways of perceiving the world…‘   The other key concept found in this first Post being expressed in the statement  that we all possess the potential to be any of the the three,  simply is a matter of being predominantly one (of the three).

Auspicious start no? Well, it took a while to start to get comfortable….

The end of July and we see some effort to provide a continuity to the Posts with this statement:

With a basic understanding of the characteristics of each group (clarks, scotts and rogers), anyone can understand everyone else!  You will know how those around you will  act in virtually any situation. Finally you can understand what has never made sense to you about the people you work with, live with and/or are friends with. The answer to the question, ‘Why on earth would you do that/say that/feel that way?’

But what is still quite missing is the sense of addressing a Reader (assumed or imagined). These early Posts were mostly concerned with trying harness the ‘enthusiasm’ of the original group of people referred to as Progenitors and Downsprings.

At the same time (as these Posts were being written), the early content of the Pages was being developed. Page content was initially perceived as being the key element to the Doctrine. The thinking then was that, if a Reader found their way to the Wakefield Doctrine, then they could learn all that was necessary to appreciate the beauty and wisdom of the Wakefield Doctrine, simply by reading the Pages. However, the current thinking places the emphasis on the Posts and in creating a sense of ‘conversation’ whereby the Doctrine is described in everyday terms and contexts.

But in the Pages there are some really fun teaching tools, my personal favorites are the two video clips on the ‘So which am I’ Page. One is a scene from the movie Casino and the other a scene from Wolf.  Lets put an end to this tortured Post with a look at these two clips. Who doesn’t enjoy watching video clips?

First up: A scott with a clark: Casino

Second: A scott and a roger in ‘conflict’ (as much as that ever happens) Wolf

So, it looks like our time is up (Thank god!).

Y’all don’t be strangers. We will now open the floor for questions….

(“Hey, Hey, say the thing about Slovenia!!”)

Alright, if you insist..’Thank you all for visiting the Wakefield Doctrine (the home of the theory of clark,scotts and rogers)  and a heartfelt:  ‘Goodnight Slloovviniaaannnnsss!!!’

1)Some restrictions may apply, Progenitors and Downsprings are not eligible to play, see contest Rules for complete instructions


Written by clarkscottroger

December 13, 2009 at 6:05 pm

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