the Wakefield Doctrine

the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers

the Wakefield Doctrine (…Tuesday afternoon is never ending, Wednesday morning papers didn’t come, …Thursday night your stockings needed mending…)

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Hello again from the clarkside of the universe!

Interesting dynamic possibly getting established in these Posts,  i.e. more from the Progenitor roger which we are not reluctant to say is welcome news for many of our Readers and Visitors. While so far, relatively few in numbers, the Posts (from the roger) have a way about them that is enjoyable, different from the ‘always informative, frequently creatively amusing, but sometimes too much information’ from yours truly. (either the clark or the scott, can you guess which?)

Anyway, the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers) is nothing if it is not constantly shifting, changing and trying to evolve. So while most of the Posts will still come from the same source, already the beginnings of a ‘sense of conversation’ is making itself apparent. The beauty part (as a certain timeshare rep was often heard to say) is that the Doctrine is the Doctrine. Really quite simple once the basic premise is established. The challenge has been (and will continue to be) presenting it in a manner that allows people from all walks of life to understand, find application in their lives and have fun with it.

The Posts that involve others in the original Wakefield Doctrine group (you have seen the term Progenitors and Downsprings) have been well received, so expect to see more Posts that are built around interviews, even conversations among these people. The varied perspective and different contexts is most informative. (Yes, yes I know… not exactly rogerian in my writing style, lol.) Also, we have people joining the effort through the avenue of Comments and Replys who have been very helpful in our efforts to make the Wakefield Doctrine your one-stop blog for ‘the-simplest-way-to-understand-what-the-hell-the-people-around-you-are-trying-to-do!’

In fact ( to channel my inner gangsta…) lets chill and give some shout outs (‘Apesadumbrado mi dialecto de la cultura es poco una hoja de metal esta mañana.) to our Friends in the ‘sphere:   Mel at ‘the Spatula’ ( as far as consistent quality at a ridiculous ‘rate of production’ , Mel is the man;  Jason at Project: Enlightenment ( I go there a lot and even make Comments. (Jason has a good sense of humor which is fortunate, as I have at times in order to illustrate the reasoning behind my Comment, (on a question of spirituallity no less, and used a reference to Helen Keller jokes. hehe).   And, of course,  ‘ronin ( he has been a frequent contributor of Comments/Replies to Posts. (Not everyone gets ‘ronin’s take on things, but if there is a harder working blog guy out there, I haven’t met them.)

Oh, oh (cue: Horshack from ‘Welcome Back, Kotter); Do want to thank some (non-blog owners) for their contributions. AKH (aka Almost Katherine Hepburn) new to the Doctrine written some very insightful Comments, good shit. (I meant that in a complimentary, keep the Comments coming sort of way), and MJM who is a (new) voice from the rogerian side of the world.

(Have I filled up enough white space yet?)

The Doctrine? What can I say about the Doctrine that has not already been said?  Nothing comes to mind but I don’t think I can ever say it often enough:

We all start with the attributes of all three and by the time we are 5 years old  we are (predominantly) a clark or a scott or a roger. There are no gender differences in the Doctrine, only in how we as individuals express our natures, very much as there are cultural differences. But a scottian female is as much a ‘act first, think later, essentially predatory being as is a scottian male. And the same for the rogers and the clarks. Those of us here, reading this are not typical of our forms. Most rogers would not ‘get it’ (as with clarks and scott). What we share is a capacity to imagine beyond ourselves, we can allow that maybe we do not know the final definition of reality. But just about everyone who as ‘gotten’ the basic premise of the Doctrine, seem to get a kick out of seeing the clarks, scotts and rogers in (their) everyday world. And the expression: ‘he/she is such a roger‘ is getting heard more and more.

Almost forgot, we are working on a ‘test’ or survey for the Doctrine should be showing up in a week or so! Stay tuned.
(If the internet in general and blogs specifically are not all about surveys, then I am going to turn in my keyboard.) (I mean, really  “What kind of animal are You”, “Do you FIt IN”, “WHY do boys want to run me over with their cars all the time”…take our test and find out why!)

Also to any of our SL friends reading. (LOCAL CHAT: Hello  lol) Hi Jen and Kino and anyone else….and…wait for it…..So long for now Sloviniaannssss!!!


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