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the Wakefield Doctrine (Ladies and gentlemen, we have started our descent/in preparation for landing, please make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright position…)

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dit..dit…dit…”  (a rogerian expression meant to connote the momentum of history and the irresistability of the future)

So, why start with this little chatski found in a back bedroom (or maybe a musty old library) in the  Wakefield Doctrine?  Truth be told, I don’t actually know.
More and more frequently, these Posts are being created in an ‘automatic writing’ 1 state of mind. A ‘state of mind’  that is both exhilarating and anxiety-laden. (Not such north pole/south pole qualities are they?)  At any rate, there must be new Posts  collecting here at a rate of at least twice a week  and  very often, lacking any coherent plan or topic, I will simply sit and start typing.  And hope for the ‘best’.

This Post is being driven by an increasing awareness among the Progenitors and Downsprings of the forward momentum that appears to be developing here at the Wakefield Doctrine.  To be more specific, lately there has been an increasingly diverse  visitor/reader demographic  coming to the blog, reading the blog, and (leaving little red dots on the map).
Ah yes, ‘the map’! Our ‘older’ readers will notice the addition of some features and the elimination of others in the blog; a global map showing points of origin of visitors and, (more recently a ‘widget’ that gives a fairly precise location of our Visitors.)  One of the most common requests we hear from readers and other is the need  for an ‘overview’ or guide (to the Doctrine). Anything that will help new visitors grasp the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers as quickly as possible.  To this end, we have a little section at the top of the right-hand column (‘Tips for First time visitors’) that should help. (Any suggestions for tips to be included, do please Comment at the bottom of the Post.

(Had enough self-referential, angst-laden ‘reflection of the soul of a writer’ bullshit?) (Huh? Well have you?) (“Hello Sloveniaaannnssssss!”)

(Thats much better! Let us do this thing…)

This Post begins with a rogerian expression and if the Progenitor will not get his stone-washed, all-natural, tastes like tree bark, pants wearin ass up here and write some shit, then I will simply be forced to write in his stead. 
So, to the topic at hand.

What is the deal with : ‘dit..dit…dit…’ and why make such a fuss?  Because, like so many rogerian expressions    this little phrase is symbolic of the power that we have, each according to their individual form, when properly applying the Wakefield Doctrine.  An example:

‘so even though I studied all night for the final exam, including the extra material that you gave me, the exam itself was still a surprise,  ‘dit..dit…dit…”

Now what is being expressed here? The fact of preparing for an exam? or (perhaps) how much extra preparation that went into the study? Is this about disappointment or elation? Yes and no. To properly understand what the use of  dit..dit…dit… that is being illustrated here is, we must don our rogerian hats. (Though the term rogerian hats is redundant on an order of magnitude greater than ‘cute as a puppy’, still we must try. So get out those berets 3 , mon Frere(s)

(The) roger, living in a quantifiable, tradition based reality (as they do), looks upon school as a desirable (and necessary) part of growing up. School, for the roger, may not always be a pleasant experience but it is always a familiar one. And familiar will trump pleasant every single totally solitary time. After all, school is where one roger tells other (younger) rogers that there is history. All instruction and education is a presentation of history with a goal of creating the future. (WTF? stay with me here…) Rogers make up the majority of the teacher demographic because it is so natural to them. So regarding test preparation, test taking and test scoring, the heart and soul of the rogerian world can be found here, where the past, the present and the future come together, ‘dit…dit…dit…’
It simply is, and for a roger that is all that is necessary, a present supported by the past.

You know, this whole damn blog is nothing if it is not an effort to find a way to see beyond our own self-establishing limitations. But then you knew that already, didn’t you….clark

Damn! the scottian reader has got to have chewed off their own tails, most of the nearby furniture and every dog bone within a 50 metre radius. Scott! (whistle noise), scott come on in, its over now, the strange dusty man has gone back to the place he came from. Come on, I think I saw some rogers wandering by in search of a sale. (Lets walk down and get them all…)

So watch this space, there is no way that we will not see a Post from our Progenitor (roger). Stay tuned, binyons.


1) automatic writing : writing allegedly directed by a spirit or the unconscious mind.  Sometimes called ‘trance writing’ because it is done quickly and without judgement.

2) rogerian expression: that ability of rogers to take words change them slightly and force upon the listener an entirely new meaning (of the word or phrase) see rogers

3) berets: is there any article of decorative clothing that is more rogerian than a beret? tell me, come on someone tell that it ain’t so.


8 Responses

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  1. Hmmm… I suspect that your “automatic writing” involves a bottle of Scotch. That’s NOT “automatic writing…” it’s “inebriated ramblings.”

    Frankly, I’ve seen better “self-referential, angst-laden ‘reflection of the soul of a writer’ bullshit…” from Cult leaders living in the wilds of New Mexico in houses made of old tires and broken bottles after long bouts of “peyote strangling…”

    After reading and re-reading this “marketing gibberish” (frankly because you have to scour it to find anything that even begins to make any sense, especially from guys with origins to those Hallowed halls of learning in Sunny California…)

    Here’s what I’ve determined so far;

    People consist of (3) basic “atypicals.”

    Identifying which “atypical” they emulate defines the placement of the knife.

    Further, the defining of the “atypical” will also reveal trends of worth and prosperity to identify targets, and or hiding places.

    Beyond determining which (who roam among us) are “sheep,” and whom of the remaining are “lemmings,” it appears to me that this is much adieu about nothing… unless you make your living in a business that depends on “Multi-Level Magic…”

    But, I could be wrong… It’s bound to happen some day. Perhaps. Probably not in my lifetime, but you should never say “never…”

    You took a lot of hard falls as a child, didn’t you…?

    And by the way, Fedora’s are much cooler than Berets… After all, Indiana Jones would never have been taken seriously had he donned said beret. And the Nazi’s would have won the war… And we’d all be speaking German and eating Schnitzel washed down with warm beer.

    Pop Quiz: Was “Indy” a Scott, a Clark, or a Roger?

    Answer to be revealed at a later date. I’m bored. And, I’m craving Schnitzel and beer. Who knew?


    November 30, 2009 at 12:47 am

  2. Not so much a comment, but just some kudos on the mapping widget. My dot was assimilated by several others in the midwest, but I hope to move somewhere where the people living in the tiny red dot breath the air of freedom again one day. By the way, as a Luddite, I much prefer automatic writing to the psychic typewriter. Much more elegant without the technology and smudges.


    December 3, 2009 at 1:58 am

  3. Without the pleasantries, rennaisanceronin you sure are full of yourself. I too prefer the automatic writing. It is not filled with the brashness with which you seem to see yourself as a higher-evolved being. Reign it in.

    AlmostKatherine Hepburn

    December 3, 2009 at 6:33 pm

  4. OK OK. Stop the press. Before anyone starts jumping all over me, I realize that my reply to renaissanceronin probably seemed to contradict my previous post regarding influence and how it effects who we are. Let me clarify. Yes, renaissanceronin emoted a reaction from me. However, it was not life-altering or even remotely influential to the person I am. It was, in fact, simply a reaction to someone’s words who doesn’t mean anything to me (sorry to crush your ego renaissanceronin).

    AlmostKatherine Hepburn

    December 3, 2009 at 7:12 pm

  5. Don’t be too concerned (about ‘ronin’s) feelings. There are only a few rules around the Doctrine but one of the most important is ‘if you choose to participate, then it is given that you can handle whatever may happen (here).
    ‘ronin is aware of that and is quite fine…

    Your concern speaks of a highly evolved if not somewhat ‘short of enlightened’ attitude. It is not just that we are responsible for how we feel, we give ‘instruction’ to those we encounter, as to how we would be treated. And we complete the transaction be feeling the resultant emotion.

    The step beyond this, is what I was trying to get at in today’s Post.
    That the people who are significant to us are such because they are necessary to our ‘expectations of the world.’

    There is a term ‘core of false beliefs and false assumptions’ that you will hear frequently. This is meant to designate the part of us, initially inculcated by caregivers in the earliest part of life. We are taught what the world is like before we can go out and find out on our own.
    Good or bad (some/much/all/almost none of) these beliefs and assumptions become what we expect and therefore find in the world.

    A very long winded way of saying, ‘(one way or another) we find the people to be close with who will support our lives as defined by this core system’ the collection of people I find in my life are perfect for me, as I exist today according to my core of false beliefs and false assumptions.

    !!? what?? (sorry I just write this shit, can’t take too much responsiblity for it.)


    December 3, 2009 at 9:26 pm

  6. @ AlmostKatherine Hepburn:

    I’m not “full of myself… I’m just laughing at you. Here’s why:

    Most of the people who choose to analyze the components of personality are usually doing to to find out where the fulcrum is… so that they can gauge how hard to push, when attempting to vary the scales.

    It’s “marketing.” It rarely has anything to do with “humanity,” it has to do with “success.”

    I’ve had several conversations with Clark, and he knows me well enough to know that sometimes it’s just fun to poke the process with a stick, to see what falls out.

    What? Ronin said what? Why would you do that?

    Well, for starters, it exposes your “true nature.” You know, that comfortable place that you always fall back to, every time that you feel imperiled, or threatened.

    Rinse and spit… That hook will work it’s way out of your mouth eventually. It’s designed to do that… 😉

    Consider this:
    Perhaps… my comment was designed to “create a reaction” from those reading it… Did you think of that? Hmmm? Sometimes “demonstration” is far more effective than “poetics.”

    As for crushing my ego… you better buy a bigger truck.


    December 4, 2009 at 1:29 am

  7. “Perhaps… my comment was designed to “create a reaction” – your words… If you read my previous post more carefully you would realize that is exactly what I said. That is to say, that you got a reaction out of me. I also said that is was just that (a reaction). Nothing more, nothing less. Don’t flatter yourself.

    AlmostKatherine Hepburn

    December 5, 2009 at 8:46 pm

  8. This is just too easy.


    The core of any analysis into “which part rules” is to establish “hunting rights.” Those of the “marketing ilk” category are primarily either “hunter/gatherers” or “sheep.”

    BTW: The “Bears” eat the “sheep” eventually.

    The identification of “prey” insures success, something that is the very cornerstone of the marketing psyche. Rarely, if ever, do you see a “marketer” trying to do something “simply for the greater good.” And if you do, it’s probably a “Jim Jones” type.

    My comments were aimed at “shaking the tree” to see HOW the people here responded. I poke Clark in the eye and he pokes me, and it makes us THINK. That’s my goal here, to assist in the thinking process. Agree or disagree, I don’t really care (to be honest).

    If I made you think, or fume, or whine, or even (gasp) to attempt to insult me… I achieved my goal.

    Because that’s one of the few things I agree with Clark about. We don’t see “eye to eye” on everything. Clark knows that, as he’s read my blogs, and he knows who/what I am. We do agree that finding and identifying “like” bodies builds tribes. There IS safety in numbers… unless you’re already “primal.”

    And G-d knows that times aren’t going to get any easier for a while.

    HOW you respond here begins to define you. And it just makes the hunting that much easier. And by rereading what you regurgitate here, I’d also suggest that you start to define yourself TO yourself, unless you just rant and whine…

    As for flattery… I don’t require it. Why? Because I have enough on my plate right now, and I simply don’t give a damn what you might think of “me”…

    Insults get hurled by people who predominantly lack adequate communication skills.

    Stop whining, and start thinking…



    December 6, 2009 at 7:47 pm

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