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the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers

the Wakefield Doctrine (…we of the university majors at Los Angeles, California who had a Harvard University Dean come to teach us…)

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…(That was a refreshing little naplet, blogorically speaking. But now, back to the work at hand…)

Welcome! Especially to our new friends in Australia, and Israel and of course, our friends in Slovenia!

Today we have kind of a special treat. Two of our  Downsprings1  are helping us out by participating in a little… T&A? err, PTA?,  I got it! Q&A!

We have had people tell us, after a recent Post(…breaktime…), that they felt they got a better understanding of the Wakefield Doctrine when it was discussed in a context that was ‘applicable’ to everyday life. (Yeah, like in everyday life people decide to sneak up on a certain class of person and do something indefinable to them and then report back a score). Sure thats an everyday application in, maybe say,  Zanaxville.

Anyway, we have a set of questions about the Doctrine that was presented to Joanne and Glenn (our Downsprings) and their answers are recorded in the following interview.

A little background first.
Glenn is probably the leading scott in terms of possessing both knowledge and (a practical) understanding of the Wakefield Doctrine. As a matter of fact, he helped instigate the process whereby the Doctrine was taken out of the realm of  oral tradition and brought into the ‘real world’ of this blog. You will have to make allowances for him, after all he is a scott.
Joanne comes to us from the interested observer category, she has been witness to over 25 years of discussion and development of the Doctrine.  Enhancing her position as a Downspring, Joanne offers as much a normal persons interpretation and application of the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers as we have in the group. She is a roger, but with a skepticism of the whole thing that helps us stay in touch with the thinking of the everyday person-on-the-street, in terms of applying the Wakefield Doctrine.
(They are both behaving quite well and are deserving of our respect and admiration.)

(To the interview):

Which of the three are you?

[Glenn]     Scott
[Joanne]    I am predominantly, a Roger.

 What is the ‘best’ single positive trait or quality do you have as such?

[Glenn]      I’m wicked funny
[Joanne]    I am sensitive to other’s feelings.

The most negative single characteristic or quality?

[Glenn]     I can be reckless—verbally and behaviorally
[Joanne]     I pay too much attention to detail, although, sometimes that is a positive trait.

 Which trait or personality quality do you have that you feel is most mis-understood by people of the other two forms. (For example: clarks don’t get this about me; or rogers don’t get this about me.)

[Glenn]     Clarks don’t understand that I act mostly out of a desire to have fun—not out of a desire to hurt anyone. Rogers don’t understand anything. They eat the grass and wait to be killed. They LOVE to feel like victims, so they perceive everything a scott does as “cruel”—and then they have a feelings festival—hurt, angry, sad, –the equivalent of a roger orgasm. Fuck them.
[Joanne]    The attention to detail is always misunderstood by the Scott that I am around often.  Just try observing me and the Scott trying to put something together.  We were putting a shed together one time, and I was standing in the corner frantically reading the directions while the Scott was banging nails.  I kept telling her to stop..and finally convinced her to read the directions first. I seem to be less sure about discerning clarks from the other two.  I’m not sure which people I know are clarks, so I can’t comment on how they misunderstand me.

If someone were to ask, ‘what is the surest way to spot one of your kind in a crowded shopping mall?’ what would you tell them?

[Glenn]     Anyone talking to more than one person—and holding their attention.
[Joanne]    I’m not sure about that one.

You are at the funeral of a friend and are asked to say a very few words, complete the following

My friend was a clark and I felt

[Glenn]     that he mostly enjoyed my company—and was more loyal than your best dog ever.
[Joanne]    ummm…let me think about that for a while.

My friend was a scott and I felt

[Glenn]     an attachment to him based on competition—which evolved into respect as the years went by.
[Joanne]    I will miss my friend for her ability to just wing it in life

My friend was a roger and I felt

[Glenn]     guilty that I didn’t indulge his incessant need for emotional validation and support. I feel bad. He thinks I found him to be a pain in the ass. He’s right.
[Joanne]    I will miss my friend for … so many, many, reasons.  There were so many wonderful things about her..thoughtfulness, empathy, sensitivity….etc.

Finally, tell us what you think the practical value, if any, of the Wakefield Doctrine is.

[Glenn]     When rogers piss me off, I remember that they are rogers and cannot help it. They are doing the only thing they can do.
[Joanne]    It’s entertaining and I think if we know which type someone is, it may help us to understand their behavior and possibly not take some of their behavior personally.

(Now say good night to the Sloveniaannnns)

[Glenn]    How do you say “fuck you” in Slovenian?
[Joanne]    Good Night, Slov

Wellie, wellie, well. Was that not nice? There is much here that can be discussed and elaborated upon. But the primary goal was to help the Reader ‘hear’ the Doctrine actually applied to a situation that all of us might experience. I am sure there will be questions.

There is a space below (this Post) for your Comments. Do not, I repeat, do not be shy or bashful. We would love to hear your thoughts or questions. If you have any ideas for an extension of the (above) series of questions to our Downsprings, by all means ask.

1) Downspring is a term to designate a member of the group of people made aware of the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers by one of the Progenitors. In the context of this blog, there are three Progenitors and four Downsprings (Glenn, Joanne, Denise and Phyllis) all seven people have full access to the blog and creation of the contents.


5 Responses

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  1. “Wellie, wellie, well.” I feel in my guttiwuts (is that one ‘t’ or two?) that this is a good Post.
    Nothing like going right to the source. I found Glenn and Joanne to be informative in a practical way. Curious though as to the “scott voice” having colored font but not the roger voice”…


    November 26, 2009 at 9:43 am

  2. (ed. note) No significance. First thinking on interview concept was that the (different) text color would help ‘separate the voices’. Happy to say that it was not necessary, they are both clear and direct.

    Additional note: It just happens that among the Downsprings there is only one scott (at present) and rest are rogers and clarks, further the (only) scottian Downspring is male.
    It is important to note that there is no distinction in Doctrine between male and female. For the the interview it was a scottian male and a rogerian female. Could have been rogerian male and clarklike female or any other combination.

    The point here is that the principles of the Wakefield Doctrine is gender neutral. While there are some differences in expression (among the three) a scottian female is still a predator first (individual person second) and a clarklike female will be just as abstract and subjective as her male counterparts.

    If anything, the gender issue helps us to see the underlying ‘perceptual bias’ that makes each of the three types distinctive, i.e. scottian predators, rogerian herd members…and clarks…


    November 26, 2009 at 11:11 am

  3. Aside from learning which buttons to push when negotiating… or singling someone out from the herd for a quick kill… what (dare I ask) in YOUR opinion is the real benefit of KNOWING which of these three persona’s one tends to emulate? I mean, if I try to use this in a court defense, I’m gonna end up in a mental ward of my local prison…

    “But Scott told me too! I was just Rogering my own business, and wham! All of a sudden… Clark was dead.

    I mean, at the end of the day, it’s just open season, anyway…

    Jebe Se!

    Croatian works in Slovinia… 😉


    November 27, 2009 at 6:09 am

  4. You are correct in your first point, the primary practical value of the Doctrine is to allow us to know what buttons to push.
    And I say this in the most non-adversarial way possible, perhaps a better way to describe the benefits here is to say you know ‘the kind of moccasins’ the other person is wearing and therefore can decide if you even want to try and ‘walk a mile in them’.

    (Now you got me going ‘ronin,)…Most of the systems of ‘learning to understand other people’ are ‘loaded’, biased if you will with the notion of ‘good’.
    That is, they tend to come across as all: ‘here is a way to understand others, of course you will want to help them, be good to them’.
    Sure. Got that.

    Unlike most religions or moral-belief systems, golden rules or golden boughs, the Wakefield Doctrine does not have an agenda.
    It does not wish to promote goodwill or fellowship or ‘peace love and understanding’.
    The Doctrine does not care what a person does with the knowledge that results from understanding it.
    It simply says, ‘hey, you want to know why the others are acting the way that they do? huh? well do you?” What you do with the seriously advantaged position you are in with this thing, is entirely up to you.

    Afterall, you are the one in the small percentage of people, (compared to an overwhelming large percentage of people not bright/flexible/creative/intelligent enough to get this thing), who is reading and presumably getting this Doctrine thing.

    Hey, enjoy. Use it as you please. Stay in touch and help us (share this with the world).

    Seriously, the number of people who read and understand this is so small right now, that we do not have to worry about someone complaining, ‘Hey no fair using the Wakefield Doctrine on me”

    (Not yet, at any rate.)


    November 27, 2009 at 9:10 am

  5. Hmmm…

    When I was a kid… in order to get a Hunting License… I had to take a “hunter’s safety course…”

    Now there’s another damned course standing between me and “my prey”… ARGH! F*****g bureaucrats and “marketing ilk!”!

    You said:
    “After all, you are the one in the small percentage of people, (compared to an overwhelming large percentage of people not bright/flexible/creative/intelligent enough to get this thing), who is reading and presumably getting…”

    WTF? Have you READ my blog? I’m about to go postal and take out half of Mississippi, as I type this. With all the cops cruising shopping mall parking lots looking for MILFs (it IS “Black Friday” after all)… I may even get a way with it. After all, I know the ancient art of “Jew Fu…”

    What? I do too! I even spelled it correctly!

    And, I can curse in Croatian… that’s gotta be worth something… 😉

    I suspect that some liberal namby-pamby will determine that the practice of this arcane knowledge will be a violation of some murky civil liberty and anyone following along behind the likes of you Stooges will be knee deep in litigation.

    Hey, that gives me an idea… I’ll just spin this off as “Moe, Larry and Curly…”

    Oh yeah, and if you actually get caught using the Wakefield Doctrine and do anything notable… they’ll add a clause making it a violation of the “Geneva Convention,” and “the Hague treaty.”

    “But your Honor, the contract can’t be valid. He used the Wakefield Doctrine” on me…”

    On a serious note: It’s 59 degrees in Biloxi, with scattered clouds.

    Here’s your “words for the day:”

    “Odi u kurac”

    That is all… 😉


    November 27, 2009 at 6:30 pm

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