the Wakefield Doctrine

the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers

the Wakefield Doctrine (…I’ll give you all I’ve got to give if you say you love me too…)

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(shhh…quiet until we get to the control room. Right this way,through these doors…)

There! Welcome to the control room at the Washoe Memorial Human Test and Assessment Facility. This is the where we will conduct our experiments on clarks, scotts and rogers.

Tonight we have a rogerian (female) and a scottian (male). Check here for information on any significant differences in gender and type expression.

STOP! STOP! STOP this Post. This thing is just not gonna work.

Sorry (Folks/Readers/SL’ers/Slovenniannns) I must apologise, I seem to have succumbed to hubris or (hopefully) just a slight case of ‘over-reachingitis’.

As you might surmise from the block quote above, the original idea was for a Post in which there were three writers, three voices, if you will; myself, a roger and a scott. I was planning on doing a ‘set up’ in which I would act as interlocutor and the other two people would be free to contribute as they might. And I had two of our Downsprings lined up to add their comments and thoughts to the Post. Essentially it would emulate what was done on a previous Post, the Wakefield Doctrine (…break time!).  (That one seemed to work fairly well, if the feedback was any indication).
One too many trips to the well…

Seems that I was forgetting that as creative processes go, my writing  blog Posts (for me in any event) is totally dependent on the ‘surprise’ appearance of ideas and the words that go along with them. This is probably not so unique or unusual in the blogosphere. Afterall, how many times has it happened that an idea comes (at work or play, home or school) and while we, the authors, of the idea are stunned with wonder at the power and brilliance of our creation, we make the mistake of letting the concept stay in our heads for much too long a time. Inevitably, when we do get around to presenting our idea to the world at large, we are met with a truly stunning indifference on the part of our readers.  
As it dawns on us that we have lost our grip on the original idea all we hear is the collective intake of breath from our audience as they respond with a yawn of such depth that every living thing within a twenty mile radius that possesses a central nervous system is catapulted into a REM state faster than you can say ‘but wait I haven’t finished explaining my ide….’

  Damn that sucks.

Well, I supposed this was bound to happen eventually. I felt that my inner muse of inspirational ideation….(IS THERE A WRITER IN THE HOUSE? THE NARRATOR IS GOING INTO LITERARY ARREST!) QUICK SOMEONE GET SOME BULLET POINTS, CURRENT EVENTS, SOMETHING…

…What happened? Where am I? (What are all these parenthesis doing (here?))

Alright, feeling a bit better. I know, I’ll  plug in  a gratuitous photo image! (I was planning on using in the Post anyway).

Alright, getting a bit better.

Having said that, the idea of Posts in which there is more than one voice will be seen again on these pages. This format lends itself to presenting much more information about the Wakefield Doctrine than is possible in a traditional Post. But for now, it needs a nap. Soon on to current events.

Activity and visits are up. Welcome to a new Reader (thats Contributess Almost Katherine Hepburn) , hey baby nice Comments!

Australia is in da house!! A big shoutout to Australiainenes (not sure, but this may be from someone I met in SL, in which case a big imaginary Welcome Jen!!)

Slovennianss…get your bad slavic selfs up here.

(Nothing like indulging in some poorly executed cultural patois to make a authorperson feel better.)

Stay tuned………good night Sloveniaaaaaaaaa!!!!!


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