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the Wakefield Doctrine (‘when the moon hit your eye, like a big pizza pie…thats amore’)

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Consider the topic of love. Love figures into probably 80% of the Posts written and love is at the foundation 50% of the blogs themselves.

Brotherly love, sisterly love, love for family and love of country. Love stinks, love is everywhere, yet all you neeed is love and let me tell you ’bout a girl I love.
Love walks in and love walks out the door. I mean, let us seriously and lovingly consider a love that endures and a love that dares not speak it’s name, all for the love of god and love22,

love, its the sphere in  blogosphere.

Lets take a look, a long loving look, and if you will open your eyes and close your mind, then you will see what the Wakefield Doctrine has to offer you, and me and the person you love… but will never meet.

Love is… because it is clearly such an individual experience, so much so that nearly all of art and a whole bunch of science makes the subject of love a thing to be shared and cherished, feared and resented, a thing to live for and die for the lack of and the surfeit of… (you know…)
Damn! this thing called love has to be everything to everyone and still never be allowed to be understood.

The Wakefield Doctrine claims ‘gnosis by right of assumption’ and seein that that love is a wonderful thing, whatever we say here is as right as anything else that anyone else in the world might say.

(How the fuck can this be?) More the question, how can this love ‘thing’ be as non-rational, irrational, pan-rational, it can drive men to die and women to weep, yet there is no definition to contain it all. But you know and I know that if I never get another comment except for one, it will be here on this topic in this Post.

(…its ‘that old black magic has me in it’s spell’ and ‘let tell you about a thing called love, a crazy little thing called love.’

If there is any such a thing as ‘the supernatural’, we don’t have to look any further than the space that lies between ourselves and the world. Between these two there is nothing else and despite that, this is where love exists. You want to see love, feel it’s power then look no further than the outside of your face.  This is as if god and the devil got bored one day and realised if those new things, Man was going to get to pick between them, it might not be fair. So they agreed, lets make love and hate, fear and courage all the same. That’ll hold the little bastards. By doing this they decided that our thinking, our reflecting, our map, our doctrine, what we think we know about the world we live in, everything there is, is in the final darkness, something that know.

So it leaves us in the position where the sanest thing we can think is: ‘there is no distance between that which I think about and the object itself. That is non-rational. That is love.’


Written by clarkscottroger

November 4, 2009 at 7:18 am

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