the Wakefield Doctrine

the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers

the Wakefield Doctrine (…A B C as easy as like counting up to three…)

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So you want to know how to tell which of the three types of personality you actually are? …well, telling you sort of depends on what type of personality you are…

(To borrow from a 12 Step saying, ‘only you can decide whether you are a clark, scott or roger’.  Now that I hear that, let me just add: ‘ This statement is true only if you are a clark.’)

The basis of the Wakefield Doctrine is that the characteristics that comprise all the three personality types are inherent in each and everyone of us;  male/female, black/white , chinese/jewish, old/young. Everyone one of us. So, if you think you are a clark and a scott and a roger, then you are absolutely correct. (Thanks to Jason, over at Project: Enlightenment,  for the feedback/critique pointing this out).

All of the characteristics of clarks, scotts and rogers will seem appropriate for you at one time or another. More telling, they will seem familiar. If you read this blog you will understand this, but you want to know immediately, for certain, right now, ‘Which am I’? 

There is only one way that is not only effective but quick enough for you impatient readers, and that  is by the process of elimination. (yeah, scott, he said elimination. huh. huh)  Lets just get you to look around and understand which of the three you are not. (Then maybe you can continue to read this blog and come to an actual understanding of the whole thing. At least those of you who are clarks will, all of the attention-deficient scotts and most of the tell-me-more-about-myself rogers will be long gone.)

Fine, you want to know which you are? A clark, or a scott or a roger? Do ya?

Look around you. Who do you love? (Apologies to Elias McDaniel) Of the people you work with, who do you feel is your friend? One of them (the exciting one, the one you enjoy getting to laugh) that is your scott, the other ones are all rogers. (There will only be one scott). The person you now remember that you forgot is a clark.

Like you.

All right, you parents out there. Your spouse is reliable to a fault. At the same time they can be difficult and they seem to take a lot of the day to day ‘trials and tribulations’ very personally. He/She is a roger. You are a clark. Your first born is a scott.

Pretty simple, isn’t it?

Now for those of you who want to believe there must be so much more to this Wakefield Doctrine, you rogers, well what the f*ck are you wasting your time on the Post for? There are pages and pages of information here. Read it! Most of it is about you!

Scott? Movies inside!


(Bonus hints!  If you can’t imagine wanting to, let alone actually watching the same movie more than once, you are a scott. If you think that civil war re-enacting would be an interesting and fun hobby, you are so rogerian. If you can seriously entertain the notion that you might be better off being someone/anyone else, hello clark.)

Alright. Back to your lives. You want more, leave a reply. Try not to notice when your boss seems to be talking behind your back, even though being your boss should mean that is not necessary. No roger there, just keep moving along. This Wakefield Doctrine stuff is kind of interesting, but it got nothin on your system of INHR/colour/zodiacial interpretation, clark.


Written by clarkscottroger

October 19, 2009 at 6:37 am

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