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the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers

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Welcome once again to the Wakefield Doctrine which is really to say welcome to the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers.  You/we have been introduced to the Progenitors: Clark, Scott and Roger.  Estimable personages they are.  Partiality aside, the theory put forth in this blog is both valid and verifiable.  In order to reach this conclusion, you the reader, must first read each page (including comments).  And then read again.

The Progenitors, as well as all contributing authors, have provided insurmountable proof that people behave according to their predominant world view (ie. that of a clark, scott or roger).  Here at the Wakefield Doctrine one can find true stories, film clips, fun facts and humorous anecdotes to support the idea that anyone can understand anyone else simply by knowing if a person is a clark, scott or roger

No one would argue that there are certain advantages to this.  Wouldn’t you want to:  Know ahead of time how your new boss operates?  How to anticipate his actions/reactions? (don’t get on his bad side unless you are immune to screaming and/or tirades) or Know exactly how the volunteer coordinator at your child’s school plans to keep everyone helping everyone else?( insert wide grin, saucer eyes, too pleasant voice) or What’s the best approach to the new employee – the one that seems shy, maybe a little distant, aloof even. (compliment her on her footwear or for him, throw out a quote from Samuel L. Jackson’s character in Pulp Fiction).

Good so far?  No.  Not for me.  It’s not enough.  It’s not enough just to know/learn who is a clark or who is a scott or who is a roger.  That’s the fun part.  What I want to know is how can I make this thing (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers) work for me?

So the larger question remains:  how can I better myself and by extension my life by knowing who is the clark, the scott and the roger?  I/you have identified characteristic behavior, observed interpersonal dynamics of family, friends and co-workers (this can be both challenging and entertaining especially during the holidays and/or special occasions where there are large groups in attendance) and most importantly of course, identified my/your own self.

The challenge now is how to utilize the other two world views.  How do I, an admitted (but not yet committed) clark, wander the earth using my latent scottian and rogerian qualities to my advantage.  How do I think like a clark, act like a scott, and feel as a roger?


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