the Wakefield Doctrine

the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers

the Wakefield Doctrine (socratic dialogue? …I got ya socratic dialogue, right here…)

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…for those of you just tuning-in1here is the backstory: new to the blogosphere and hampered by limited writing skills and website design ability, the authors of the Wakefield Doctrine are struggling to shape a message that will entice visitors and readers into delving further into the content and becoming fans of the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers (aka the Wakefield Doctrine). Lets see what those scamps have come up with now…

(…So maybe the best approach to presenting the Wakefield Doctrine is to write what would be said in person.)

The Wakefield Doctrine says that all people can be divided into three types or groups. These groups are named clarks, scotts and rogers.

Is there a reason for these particular names?

Only in the sense that the Wakefield Doctrine originated from observations of three real people. But the names are not important.

The three types have clearly different ways of seeing the world and clearly different ways of reacting to situations and the characteristics of each stays consistent, from individual to individual within that type.

Could you repeat that using the English language?

Sure. Each of the 3 types act a certain way. Watch how they act or look at them or whatever and then match what you see to one of the 3 and you will know all about that person. Spot a clark by their posture or lack of eye contact and you will know a whole lot more about them, (same for scotts and rogers).

OK. This is like one of those TYPE A or you are an introvert/extrovert personality things?

Kind of.

Alright, what am I? And what can you tell me about me that you should not be able to guess?

Depends. If you are a roger, then we know that you like geneology, you think that those re-enacters (Civil War) are not overly weird. You like to believe that you behave in a way that would make your family proud. If you are a scott, you crave activity, action, competition. You love a party and are good at telling jokes and making people laugh. A clark will read this and already know where this is all going.

These are mere parlor tricks2  the Wakefield Doctrine is about  understanding those around us. Why they act the way that they do.

What? Why would I need to understand those around me. I know how I act so why would I care?

Because, you have read this far; if you did not care or were not curious, this blog would be 2 clicks behind (or some other equally incisive site).

Alright, make your point. Tell me what I need to know to understand (other people).


(My feelings are hurt. I know you are just humoring me. I can see you snicker and wink at your friends, when you think I am not watching…)

If you want to learn about this thing, then you, the overactive one, drumming your fingers because the computer is limited by the speed of light3 go to THIS PAGE  and read everything there, after you finish go to THIS PAGE.

You, the one with the ‘I can’t wait to tell my friends about this silly site’ smile on your face. You go to THIS PAGE and then go to THIS PAGE.

Finally, both of you go to THIS PAGE.


…Let me know how you make out.





(1) tuning-in an old persons reference to the days of radio when there was only analog and a rotary dial used to move from one station to the other.

(2) parlor  from the days when some homes (the larger ones) had a room used just for entertaining guests, pre-cursor to our modern living room (which, in turn, is being replaced by the ‘family room’).

(3) speed of light equals 186,000 mps (at least thats what everyone but the rogers think it is.)


Written by clarkscottroger

September 18, 2009 at 7:01 am

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