the Wakefield Doctrine

the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers

the Wakefield Doctrine (clarks talk, scotts act, rogers comfort)

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The primary and persistent topic of conversation here at the Wakefield Doctrine is:

…what do we say and how do we write it so that a total stranger, coming upon this blog, will Read, Understand and Follow (the directions) of the Wakefield Doctrine?

We know that once a person has grasped the basic concept, they will see the clarks, scotts and rogers  who are all around them, which will then lead to a deeper understanding of both the Doctrine and it’s application in their lives. Unfortunately, this medium (blog/written/by example), is difficult for those of us who, while we have an idea that is valuable beyond measure, when it comes to expressing the idea, we really can’t write so good.

Well, if the answer cannot be found in the Wakefield Doctrine, then what good is that? And the answer is…*

So, what do we think? (By ‘we’, I mean the represented constituency of the Wakefield Doctrine, i.e. clark, scott and roger.)

(Lets just go ahead and ask them).


another of usShut up, shut up, I already said that I was the best of all you sorry excuses for persoinality types!!!! Just let me at those readers, I ‘ll make ’em understand, you’ll see. Just watch me.



yet another of usPlease, people, can’t we all just get along. I feel that you have upset scott, it reminds me of a story…



another of usShut up with your f*cking stories, you BLT with a side-of-fries walking throw pillow. Do you know I am your master??!!…




yet another of usI do know that and it makes me happy to see how that makes you feel when I hear you say the things that I remember hearing once in a….



another of usMake him stop!!! Make him stop!!! His soothing voice is ketchup, his peaceful eyes are like those little round potatoes that have gravy just on the bottom half of them and….



one of usPlease?! Gentleman! We are in a public forum. We must conduct ourselves in a more congenial, and therefore more productive (in terms of the conveying of knowledge to our hypothetical…)…


another of usMake him Stop!!!




one of usShut up please




another of us‘Public forum this’, you pendantic, overly talkative motherf*cker!!! I know your kind! And if I ever get a free second from my demanding schedule of intimidating and offending everyone that I meet who is not stronger than me, I’ll murderlize ya’


one of usReally? I’m must say that surprises and disappoints me. I actually thought that we were making progress and combining our strengths so that….



yet another of usMake him stop please, for the love of humanity make him stop. I get so sleepy when he goes on like that, so that all I can think of are the woods; find and run to the woods.  With the correct clothing I can sleep under a bush somewhere…



another of usYeah go ahead, I’ll still find you, you NY Sytems, up- the-arm-with-relish-and-ketchup-and-that-grey-sprinkly stuff-they-put-on-the-top-that-makes-you-drink-a-full-bottle-of-Coke…




Lets stop here and think about…

                                             think about this


yet another of usI feel you are both being totally non-Doctrinistical in your pre-insemmination of the idea. All people with the proper eradication will know that what we have is the pineapple of human understanding…






*A contest!!**

**For the person who writes the best single Post explanation of the Wakefield Doctrine***

***A hat, of course!


Written by clarkscottroger

September 15, 2009 at 9:07 am

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