the Wakefield Doctrine

the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers

the Wakefield Doctrine (the singing of the clarks, scotts, rogers)

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Here we are, the beginning of the third month of our effort to tell the world about the Wakefield Doctrine, (aka the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers).

Given that the attrition rate of new blogs is probably 99% disappearance in the first 30 days, we are surely entering ‘middle-age’ in the realm of blogation.

The two challenges facing us: a) creating an enticing and engaging introduction to the Wakefield Doctrine (in the form of these Posts),  b) explaining the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers in an effective way. Given a window of opportunity with new visitors  measured in seconds, it is critical to say the words that will convince you, the reader, that it is worth your time to explore the Pages of this blog.

A part of this development process is the search for a voice. That is, a style of writing,  that is most accessible and engaging to the widest range of readers. The voice that developes here will be the ‘proof’ of the Wakefield Doctrine. The way it is described by each of the three Progenitors (clark, scott, roger), if the theory is correct, means that it should appeal to at least one segment of the audience depending on author.

Fine, if you don’t believe me* let’s have a damn contest! The first person who can correctly designate  the Post to the author (clark, scott or roger) will qualify** to win a hat. Thats 3 Posts 3 different writers.

Sorry. Anyway if you are reading this (as opposed to acting it out (which actually you are in terms of your reactions)), then look through the Pages. We are trying to provide objective examples of the principle that does not require an active ‘guide’ in order to convey the way and the use of the Wakefield Doctrine.


The purpose of this blog is…(to use the start of many a grade school book report) to make the Wakefield Doctrine available to as many people as possible. Granted there is no shortage of  theories and approaches to personality and understanding human behavior, this Wakefield Doctrine is simply fun. Fun to learn and especially fun to use out in the world.

  • see that girl with the rather strange choice of footwear? she has a tendency towards goth, will talk with her hands, probably laugh a little too much and will not complete a sentence;
  • hey, here comes that guy that is always telling jokes that push the limits of taste, what do you want to bet that he will insist on using the diminutive of your name and probably make fun of you for the entertainment of his friends
  • see that office administrator? she always leaves at the end of the day with something that she announces is work that she will do at home, well if you want to know how is on trouble at work or who is most likely to get laid-off, she is the go-to person.

(This just in from scott: ‘hey, jus tell them to read the damn thing and then tell us how much they like it!!’)

So read through the Pages. (Personally I recommend the ‘You might be a…‘ Page and the ‘So what am I?’ Pages.)

Read, comment, buy a hat.


*”Believe what!?! I didn’t say anything, just trying to figure what the hell they mean by “one segment of the audience”.

**Progenitors and Downsprings are not qualified to play. At this rate not overly qualified to participate, come on people, a little help here.


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