the Wakefield Doctrine

the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers

the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts & rogers)

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Alright, we have now officially had contributions from the clark, the roger and the scott (Progenitors).

(I will leave you to decide which author wrote which Post.)

The purpose of  this blog is to tell the world about the Wakefield Doctrine, (aka the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers). This is about a way of looking at people and how they (seem) to see the world and most especially about how they behave in any situation.

If you know the type of personality you are dealing with you can understand, even predict their behavior.  Lets say you are standing in a long line at the supermarket, the other people in line will act according to whether they are (a) clark, scott or roger.

OK!  I know you’re saying at this point, “Get to it. Tell us how to tell one from the other! Tell us how we know whether we are a clark, a scott or (god forbid) a roger“.

“Hurry up, Mr. Clarkscottroger, tell us!!


See the ‘Page Tabs’ at the top of this thing? Go and read it. Pick one, pick any one.

Does not matter. If you want to learn about the Wakefield Doctrine or clarks or scotts or rogers; if you want to learn how to recognize one or the other or public figures (which are they).

Its all here (and with the board of education), so read and learn and comment.

Better yet, ask a reasonably intelligent question and then go ahead and subscribe to this blog.

If you do all that, and can convince us you have learned the Wakefield Doctrine, you can buy a hat.


Written by clarkscottroger

September 5, 2009 at 11:33 am

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