the Wakefield Doctrine

the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers

the Wakefield Doctrine (a dehistory)

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Once upon a time, in a land not very far from Clark’s house… there were three atypical college friends who engaged in many of the atypical activities of their day. They went to school; they played guitars at ear-splitting volumes in dorm rooms, and sneered derisively at those who objected; one drank too, too much; one not at all, but subsisted on Oreos and Coke. One became a Baptist with a capital ” B”. They played in rock bands, worked all sorts of jobs, one got married way too soon. They all wrestled with the Issues Of Their Day, with varying degrees of resolve and/or success.  And in spite of all the atypical ups and downs, they managed to form a very unique bond. And , to their surprise, the bond has lasted much longer than any one of them might have thought. Longer than some marriages, jobs, bands, or Baptist dogma. And after many hours of conversation about just about everything turned into years and decades of same, there came to be what was, and is now, referred to as … the Wakefield Doctrine. (from the Wakefield Doctrine the pre-history)

(…the challenge here is to write the story of a history into the future, backwards…)

‘So the three  went into life and their paths diverged, then crossed and diverged and crossed..’ The three friends went and found the life that they had hope for and feared of, dreamed of and dreaded. As is the nature of life, decisions were made and each made their decisions according to their nature.

(as the bible seems to say, ‘as it was in the beginning, so shall it be’, or words to the effect that the future replicates the past. experience conditions expectation, expectation creates the world.)

(the answer to the question you are asking yourself at this point is: ‘the one who wrote the previous post has the day off.’ )

Despite the divergence of the life paths of our three heroes, they maintained contact. The Wakefield Doctrine became more and more un-ignorable. In the beginning it was a curious and fun, eventually with their lives becoming ‘proof’ of the theory, it became a thing to share with the world.

A bid for immortality (or a simple need to leave a mark), a bit of spray paint on section of their lives, the Wakefield Doctrine, through the wonders of the internet, is being tossed on the world roadside. An empty can of beer, thrown from the car at 2 in the morning. A muttered regret to the stranger found asleep in bed in a pre-dawn greyness. A longing for a life that seems to exist in the lives of people that pass by, memories of childhood expectations, played out in a steadily increasing tempo.



(You know, shit like that.)


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