the Wakefield Doctrine

the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers

the Wakefield Doctrine (clarks scotts rogers; theory of)

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With a basic understanding of the characteristics of each group (clarks, scotts and rogers), anyone can understand everyone else!  You will know how those around you will  act in virtually any situation. Finally you can understand what has never made sense to you about the people you work with, live with and/or are friends with. The answer to the question, ‘Why on earth would you do that/say that/feel that way?’

The idea here is to engage others in a discussion (of the Wakefield Doctrine); to read of personal experience(s) as a method of validation (of the efficacy of the Doctrine).

To this end we have these Posts, which are, in effect an ongoing conversation. In addition, the pages (listed in the right hand column), constitute a more formal presentation of the idea of clarks, scotts and rogers.

The goal remains the same: understand the Wakefield Doctrine and you will understand those around you; at home, at work, in the werld.

Alright, you have the basic concept. Lets talk about these others, the contributors to this blog. Referred to as Progenitors and Downsprings, they are a group of seven who have direct access to this blog so they can add content as well as comment.

Scott and Roger are (the other two) Progenitors and (in alphabetical order) Denise, Glenn, Joanne and Phyllis, (clark, scott, roger(prob), roger, respectively) Downsprings.

Come on, folks! Take a metaphorical bow.

While this is the initial group, the goal is to find others to contribute. In the best spirit of Darwin,  if you read, understand the Wakefield Doctrine and want to add to it, step right up. Claim your place.



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